Grandest Wedding
Romance / Completed

Grandest Wedding

Yoolook Culture
Grandest Wedding
Subrata Sarkar
at last THE- SPECTACULAR MANGA ever read ...but-but-but....even if it's the best one I have ever read even if I honestly love Xiao jue and xinxin ......plz allow me to be Lil selfish ...bcs still I would say "Paraho's concubine " would stood first and "the grandest wedding " bcs I love rameses and ivy more than this couple i love them more than jue n xin bcs those two couples were my first loving couple !! .......... honestly saying to the author "heads off " honestly love this manga !!
Salome Salome: Really Pharaoh's Concubine is the best...💜💜💜💜
BTS Army: You should check out Pure Girl but it has over 400 eps and mostly all are locked
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🎶I wanna kiss you but your lips are venomous poison
You're poison, running through my veins
You're poison
I don't want to break these chains

One look, could kill
My pain, your thrill

I wanna love you but I better not touch (don't touch)
I wanna to hold you, but my senses tell me to stop
I wanna to kiss you but I want it too much (too much)🎶

First thing I thought about Poison by Alice Cooper again.
why do you people feel great idk what happen to me but i feel sad about it like it breaks my heart if i had a choice to not fall in love if i got hurt really bad i will go take far as i can to take my feelings away because if you going to go with the flow you will be hurt at ones u will not leave let's face the fact that all women should be respected and not to play dumb of what happened
Red Panda
First: I have to thank the author: Yoolook Culture to make this comic, being active, brave...etc.
Second: I have to say that this is one of my favorite comic..
Third: I do suggest new or old readers to read this comic..
Fourth: I hope you guys could also thank the author for putting so much effort in this comic..
Fifth: I Hope you will have fun reading this comic anytime 😊
Sixth: I also suggest you guys to read other comics by: Yoolook Culture

Nami Albert💖💋😍💋💖🤘
Up top, this is proper ending. This is a very good manga author, I commend you. Rate this manga 100%. But I really wanted to see their child anyways this is really a good manga. Love it so much n love this ending 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖.

The best song to match this moment is the song 'All I Ever Need' - by Austin Mahone', does anyone else agree with me.

All in all, proper ending, proper manga, proper everything, 10 out 10.💋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Kalai Arasi: I think it's good but most off all have same love path with compared too others but I like it keep it up
Ahana creations: their children are soooo cute
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cant get over with the headset and kids😂😂😂😂😂
the eldest son is like the husband! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: yeah and the other kid like her mom haha
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poor kid having to be there witnessing what his parents are doing at least he was able to help his lil brother from hearing it haha 🤣🤣 They are so adorable❤❤❤ I hope I won't be that kind of mather like poor children they're still way too young to have to witness their mother and fathers business 🤣🤣
No one: same😂😂😂
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💕I just LOVE MANGA!!!!!💕
Broooo the last chapter was sooo funny😂👌what the heck!!!
To the author: I love ur manga and it’s soo romantic❤️🔥I wanna request the second part!!! The kids being the adult and having their own dramas 🤩
And they should get more child by the way😘u should make them siblings of five child😊🥰love this comic and
𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙭 ♧
ganto kase yon bebe. nasa cellphone mo yung chip! hay nako ang hirap talaga maging reader lang di ka makapasok pasok sa scene na gusto mong tulungan yung fl
kym jeon
this red guy made me remember louge in pure girl 😍 god! i miss louge !
Kang Daniel 🇵🇭: i miss him too
BTS Army: Yea but I have no novel I am subbed to because I personally don’t like them
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tae's great grand grandmother
suddenly fell that wolfy is better. but now when they r not ...i just wanna dump dis comic ..i hate ml those who have dark blue hair i need some colour.... do u know a comic who has colour in his hair not blue and green...
I think it's that friend of Xiao Jue and Ruan Yan whom they thought died during the mission.
when he said it'll give you bigger boobs I went directly at a story to buy all of it. the next day they made tge price higher
Kang Daniel 🇵🇭
im starting to hate this gir, shes not suppose to mess love and work, not to mention saying yes to yichen while still toying with MC. what a pain
j for justice 🤣🤣😜
He’s going to act like nothing happened and be like oh so you are mad at me bro like that’s so stupid that’s so stupid like you know she’s mad you saw her face and now she’s crying and it’s all your fault it’s your fault oh my god this story is going to make me so mad like they were so close to being together and then no nope the author just wouldn’t let it happen you know got to keep the story interesting I guess
danielle playz
boi its your fault you drugged her from the wine or juice you gave her duh!!
𝘾𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙭 ♧
baliw talaga tayong mga readers. kapag wala silang sweet scene di tayo naglalike pero kapag meronn yan sige like lahat
the feeling you still pretend that you still didnt know what actually happened
Yehet Galaxy
Ughhh. Girl don’t believe a word that seaweed head is saying. He’s using her so I hope she realizes that before it’s too late.
Jaxshina Basumatary
I m sooooo hppppy 😊😊😊😊but sad olso u know guys.....i wil miss dis manga 😭😭😭😭😭
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