Blood Loop
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Blood Loop

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Blood Loop
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And his friend is a moth.. I wonder if he can still remember their past after being transformed instead of killing each other.. or maybe they will be the representatives of both grey and crimson then they'll have partnership, live in other world in both war and peace..
Carlo Litao: zfa1a zfa1a
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i guess the reason why crimson herself choose him maybe because..he's the MC? or maybe he's parent is somekind powerfull/unique altered...just my opinion
ok! I understand their first Torture was to keep him naked with a seducing grey creature 😤 and second is to turn him also like her then they can create a couple 😕😅was it funny ?
Meidou 🌺
Yes, but if crimson is in his body maybe she can manage to make him reach the 100%.
There a reason because she choices him.
A mate?
Just an hypothesis...
eufreaks: your definitely correct! maybe his body is still adjusting..🤔
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June Rey Claros
I think his case is special. From what crimson said in the earlier chapters "he don't know the kind of power he possesses".
this is how the corona virus was born
Amateur Reader This Side: I hope that no one dies now from Corona virus😭
Mutiat Temi Tope: lol,na so
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ohhhh thank god that innocent guy is still alive otherwise I was feeling really sad for ml that he lost his only friend
mukesh soni: don't worry guys he just became a grey as well
me_and_my_btslove: really sad but I am loving this comic ànd this part is thrilling though I felt disgusting when he eat grey beast
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manish pachauri
I also think there is something............not he kill that beast that easily....
Meidou 🌺
When they will met, there will be a sad encounter.
Blox Chad
I think this is just like Tokyo Ghoul the grey substance are ghouls ang the blood loop organizayion are doves
Allay Crimson
oh on , friend has gone grey , the opposite of Xiao Cheng
fyrevxyn: And to think we kind of knew it was coming or was going to happen
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Dark Lord
She tried peacefully too
Shadowmaster: he is an idiot. i've would have accepted her. At least i could kill time with more pleasurable ways till i got rescued.
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Wait for a minute was his friend a girl?😂😂😂😂
MEGAZ_SILYMEZ: i don't know i just realize that?!?!?😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Saikat Saha
it's not grey substance it is Corona virus
TEA_GOD: dont be a dumbass
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I wonder what he will incounter ...
Meidou 🌺
And now the two friends are on the opposite side.
Finally, there are developments in events
Sanjana Bhattacharya
no! i liked his friend! poor guy. But i also like these two
Jeý: Hi! Sorry to bother you. Can you please check out and read my chat story entitled, "Help, I Just Met An Alien!". Thank you!
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I wish that man get killed
Nana Ibrahim
I hope they will still be friends
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