You Are  The One I Love
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You Are The One I Love

Deccan Diana
You Are  The One I Love
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You Are The One I Love Novel Online. ////Most of us have or had a crush when we were in school ,to whom we never proposed because of the circumstances or sacred of being rejected by them .Instead ,we choose to keep it as a secret ... Just one glance at our crush would make our day ...having a crush without our best friend Is incomplete.

This Is a love story of Jessica Olsen who have a crush on the school's popular guy Austin Ames

This story is a kind of slow romance genre, give it a try if you want to read a feel good story and you are being warned since there are 18+scenes too, hope you guys like it .
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The place where I was standing , it was silent yet a perfect bliss. I saw the moon was shining bright and the stars twinkling in the sky , the roads were empty with flickering streetlights and children were playing . I could hear the sound of breeze and the trees swaying in a rhythm , it made me feel euphoric .

I was startled by hearing a voice from behind , it was a voice which makes my heart flutter . And in that silent night hearing his voice made me feel like a morning coffee which was deep and addicting .

I knew who it was , I turned back and looked at Austin. He wore a white shirt and a black jeans , his thick black and light brown hair was shining as always .

As the wind blew through my hair , I tucked it behind my ear .
Beautiful , I heard him saying and when I looked at him I saw him looking at the stars .
Indeed , I replied and finished my juice in one gulp .
He was looking only at the stars and admiring them while I was looking at the stars and at him .

MangaToon got authorization from Deccan Diana to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
School life
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Sometimes a wonderful story like this gives me courage to finally unburden my thoughts.I am a normal/average looking girl and a cheerleader.i have never had a boyfriend and have been having a crush/love on this boy in my class since I was 13.Its been a few years now,I'm 16 and we're still classmates but my feelings for him just doesn't fade but getting stronger.He still is my first love but I've never told anyone about this before.I can just say that I've never had a true friend before.I also never once told my crush cuz he once fall in love with a girl for years like me, got rejected and when that girl finally accepted him,she broke up with him after dating a few months claiming that she doesn't love him anymore.I've seen him cry many times at class but whenever I comfort him,he acts coldly towards me.He changed a lot but I still love him secretly and sometimes I cry at home cuz of his behaviour towards me.Thank you to whoever who read this and I'm very grateful to the author for this wonderful story.
My_life_as_me: thank you ❤️
Hon Tí : Respect yourself enough to say " I deserve peace ", and walk away from people or things that prevent you from attaining it -Jerico Silvers
( Hope that help you .Cheer up ,things gonna be okay. Everyone wants to be happy , nobody want to be in pain . But you can't have rainbow without any rain ,right? )
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Geeta Nangia
I do feel jealous whenever I read any novel or manga because they always have a bestie which supports,encourage them and share everything. I really want a friend like this too but its so hard to find someone with whom we can be ourselves.I had a friend whom I had once called my best friend but her family shifted to another town so from then on I do made friends but not like her
Geeta Nangia: Ohh!! it's ok, I hope you can also find someone
My_life_as_me: sadly not yet
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this book is legendary,sweet,unic,heart-warming,interesting, epic, amazing, incredible, once in a life time, i never ever ever enjoyed reading a book as much as i did this time i was smiling foolishly all the time, like literally every chapter is toching and sweet in its own way, i really love the book author i adore your work and i was, i am and will always be your #1 fan lol
MADsi: Thankyou soo much for reading and for loving it ❤️💯 enjoyed reading your comments 💃💃
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