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Offending A Billionaire

KaiYuan Comic
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A young woman married into a wealthy and influential family. What had happened on her wedding night was made into X-rated video and grabbed the headlines. Driven painful and dreadful by such a man, would she be doomed to an end with tears and blood? Never! Let’s wait and see…

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Zara Siddiqui
her dress is is size 36D......😍😘
Snow Xia Rose❄️🌹: How old are you?
Snow Xia Rose❄️🌹: So guys everyone where are you from?
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sampriti risal
In the past haoming slept with so many women but seeing yangran with a man he calls her cheap? they r not even in a relationship. Jst walking with a male makes her a whore. why are every female character so oppressed and the men have the dominating character....
Applying haoming's theory in this case then should he also be equally cheap?

l love rading manghwa but I get really upset where they showcase that women have to be pure but men can have fun.
if you show that women can b bullied and men are supreme then many reader may believe so or their perception will never change.

Its just my opinion and it doesn't apply to all. and I am not writing this for argument as everyone has their own opinion of things.
Fortunately-Unfortunately yes. If people ask why the Female Lead can’t remember Male Lead. Most of FL’s memory towards the ML are bad (80%) than good (20%), it out lift the goodness he did for her, especially the wedding day which blows it up. The brain suppressing her bad memory to prevent further damage.

It will take a lot of jigs to make her remember him or the worse case she cannot remember him but if she do remember him, the bad memory will flow out too and all the feeling she felt will be back again.
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