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Offending A Billionaire

KaiYuan Comic
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A young woman married into a wealthy and influential family. What had happened on her wedding night was made into X-rated video and grabbed the headlines. Driven painful and dreadful by such a man, would she be doomed to an end with tears and blood? Never! Let’s wait and see…

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Zam Zami Scarlet
the story is so lame... she lost her job bz of the video then again so goes to college. wonder how old she was when she was doing the job. A high school girl??? Also what i can't understand was how she could just agreed to the job Lei offered. Can't she sense danger?? Plus i thought Shen offered her the compensation money for the contract. Then nothing happened abt that. And Shen just watched his half bother get the girl he loves. And not getting jealous at all. And one thing.. everything happens too fast. How she was suddenly in a relationship with Lei and he dumped her the next day and suddenly they got married. There are so many left stories and plots. I can't mention it enough... so much more... This manga is so LAME!!!
Does all guys in these novel and manga never question why there's a girl in there room and just go straight to do it?!
Anonymous: You okay there Mina Nor? Did you just have a stroke? Do I need to call an ambulance???
Mina Nor: ,WW,w،،،ؤؤؤ،
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❤️love comics❤️
she said can't u distinguish between right nd wrong...btt there is no difference between her nd that red haired girl...3 years ago she also sold her virginity for her mother nd now that red haired girl is also doing the same for her father, company or she don't have any right to give any kind of advice to her....ND our female lead is strong btt cheap too.... sometimes she is pure nd sometimes she is like selling her virginity...I don't understand what kind of girl is she...🤪🙄😒😶😑😑😑
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