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Offending A Billionaire

KaiYuan Comic
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A young woman married into a wealthy and influential family. What had happened on her wedding night was made into X-rated video and grabbed the headlines. Driven painful and dreadful by such a man, would she be doomed to an end with tears and blood? Never! Let’s wait and see…

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Hottest Comments
Rose KS
So he JUST SLAPPED HER and not even 5 minutes later she says maybe he’s not bad and she misjudged him??? How idiotic is this MC??? This is the worst story ever. I hate the MC and ML equally. I hope Yixuan dumps her, gets with her friend and both the FL and ML end up sad and alone.
I don’t know why I’m even still reading this garbage.
Tupperware Mampu Milik
Atleast the poor husband know that his wife was miscarriage before, reunions again with the step brothers and the devil husband know his step brother also and forgive his mother. Why left so many unfinished matter since you bring it all in this for the very beginning 😪
T'Mera Hamilton
None of this makes any sense.. I'm 'bout done with this. The FL is just to dumb for me to handle rn. I can't with these kinds of manga. If I'ma read a manga with a FL she needs to use her brain at least 50-65% of the time. And the story can't just be goin' every which way just for the FL and the ML to be together. Make ut longer if you have to. It just needs to make since and be somewhat believable.
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