Offending A Billionaire
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Offending A Billionaire

KaiYuan Comic
Offending A Billionaire
Griffin Grey
Ok... Is she completely brain dead?????? I know she got amnesia but apparently she can’t function normally cause there is no other explanation why she forgave him 🙄 He treated her like garbage on their wedding night and then forgot all about her. He was more randy than a rabbit having sex all around and most probably has an impressive collection of STDS. Then he treated her like 💩 on their second wedding day because she was not a virgin and she had sold her virginity to save her mother. It took him a whole year to figure it out (and learn he was the one she had sex with but that's what you get when you sex practically every hole in the universe) and even then he never looked to find her. In general they were apart for five years. And when they were together he treated her abominably. He tried to be with her in order to spike his brother whom he loathed and then threw her away like hot potato when he found a girl with money. Plus what was that with the baby she lost when he threw her away in their wedding day? They had sex before marriage and he got her pregnant? Didn't he realize then that she has not virgin? No.Sense.At.All. I really want to pull my hair off 😒 The only positive thing with this reading was that it was unlocked do you don't see me cry a river.
KooKooCulture 🐰: wow...I was about to read this story but your comment somehow made me rethink my decision...I don't need such a complicated story rn
Stupidity: Ikr!!!!
One of the worst stories Ive read!!
There is no way to forgive this male lead!!
And this female lead is a disgusting stupid!
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okay . what an ending haha it seems like "okay just give them a happy ending" and that's it 😅😅😅 .. well i don't blame the author because i don't know how to make a story like this and i never experinced writer's block cause i'm no writer at all .. good job author . altho it has flaws . its pretty good 👍👏👏👏
Princess Hinata
ML is really jerk and FL is really stupid.. And so many things are unsolved in this manhua..
Dear author, if you want to complete the story so early, then just finish it by solving the things properly at least.. Why did you leave many things unsolving?? One more thing, don't make any FL so dumb and any ML so jerk.. I know comic is far above from reality. But people tends to learn something new from manhua in their unconsious mind. So, it will be illogical if your story is over imaginary that people can't learn anything good..I know we readers should show some respect to Author, it is our responsibility. But Author should remember that they should fulfil their duty by completing the manhua with satisfactory ending.. The readers play a great role in increasing an author's enthusiasm. If the readers stop read manhua, then the author will be crippled most. So, it is very illogical to complete the manhua with unsatisfying ending.. It breaks a reader's heart very much.. So, next time, be careful.
I am critisizing author, i am just expressing my own thoughts. Thank you....
⭐ Heaven star⭐
oh I understood now

yixuan mother is ml's biological mother and abandoned him and he's father when ml was a kid and then wedlock with someone has and has yixuan,

ml's father got married with someone else and have a daughter

Am I right? or..... please someone tell me I'm so confused
oh now i know .. so Haoming just wronged her mother .. he thought that her mother just leave them for another man perhaps ? but it's the other way around .. that's why he was just so mean to Yixuan .
I finally realized manga is why I’m single still the issue isn’t getting someone to like me or them dealing with my addiction to manga but it’s the fact I want this romance and I end up missing anything but the romance in my head
Davina Josh

join me in collide.😻

many potholes in d I d only one who realized it got boring and the author ran out of should have ended better.she still don't know who took her virginity and he doesn't know she had a baby.
why are almost all romance mangas on this app, are about some woman being abused by some random man and that she doesn't even know to me is kind of a boring concept and I don't want to see that all the time and it kind of makes me angry
Joy Cullen: thanks for the heads up
yosan daniel: it crazy, i mean WHY, just why🤨🤨😒😒
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Ahgase 🐥
because of miss ling type of women , men think that we are toys , they think that we can't do anything . problem or not but we can think of a way out
You ask why? Because you take pursuing her as a game and because your sincerity is seriously lacking. Because women are dispensable to you, a bargain.
Tae with some Suga and a Kookie
Omg I caaaan’t, and then on the other side I can. But anyway it’s so sad, he was just the perfect guy, and then she leaves him, when you clearly sees how much his love is for her. I’m cryiiing. (not really)
so they are brothers ? or Lei's biological mother is Yixuan's step-mother ? .. then who's the lady that our FL met when the welcome dinner happened ?
Ellie Toh
Good for you fl. Already sign the divorce agreement and met him many times with others girls but still want to fall for him. Isn't that is so stupid.
Icy ❄: when did they got married? I don't understand?!
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Random Stuff
Yanran you idiot he's the nice guy and it was your fault you kissed another man he shouldn't be apologising you should!!!
Tell me plz why always should the ml be arrogant and black or brown haired and the other I mean that 3rd wheel or idk what is called blond and sooooooooooooo kind
what the ?! she just let her boss kiss her even if she is taken ? hahaha i don't know what to say about her 😅😅😅
i feel pity to Yixuan .. that's alright . you deserve someone better than her . someone who will only see is you .
why most of the mangas when a house is not locked they always have they way in as if they are welcomed 😅
jennnnn: hahaha
Amykyut. haruhi: heheheh your right sis...its weird
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Tae with some Suga and a Kookie
Isn’t life threatening? Why did the doctor even say that. For me it looked like a scratch or something and the bandage was huuuge, like if he broke an arm
wait . what happened ? when did she become in a dating status ? when did she fall for him ?
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