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A Three-Kingdom Dream

Dream studio
he's invicible using shadow blade at night😂
I think I'm getting it now. Lu Ke has different demon forms, probably from training! Makes sense, since the demon form he used against Yuan Shu is different from the one he used when he was a boy. Now, the token part is plain confusing. The translations in this app are like Chinese whispers. I don't even wanna know what the Indonesian and Spanish speakers are getting.
King Nelson
This is what make a story good plots and twists 💯💪🏾👿
balong canini
is this finished?
King Nelson
Sharingan Bih🤣😂
Takashi kurasaki
wait so...who's the MC?
Shakespeare’s Fool: The kid (silver hair)
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Is he kidding? 😂😂
hasha ,overestimated myself,lol😂😂
balong canini
when will the next episode they would release?
Soumajit Bag
next update??
Josiah Harris
Word up to the translator, yo
Josiah Harris
😟Why did she play with my emotions? I trusted her and she broke my heart.
Hah, I wish I knew Chinese to translate this. Maybe this hobby's finally gonna get me learning a language.
Wait, if Lu Bu became Yuan Shu's enemy (suddenly) why's Zhang Liao still protecting Yuan Shu's factory?
I knew from the beginning it was going to be a feud between them moving the story. Now, why did the author just make him an antagonist without any previous info?
Josiah Harris: is there something I'm missing? I thought they explained quite a bit and were leaving the rest up for surprises.
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You dirty bastard, Jiang Wei. You know everyone will abandon Yuan Shu when he declares himself emperor. Well played.
Fear not, Xuande, professional loser of the Three Kingdoms, has arrived.
This is first time I see Yuan Shu pictured as anything other than a fop.
Arhonthung Humtsoe
this manga actually sucks.....
Wacko_Azimuth: Translation's quite sucky, but the story itself has potential. I'm loving it, but I guess you gotta know the stories of the Three Kingdoms to understand what's going on. It presupposes too much knowledge on the reader's part, which is fine in China, but not in the West.
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Kyaw Zay Ya
few... She is alive Thanks....
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