Princess Agent's Cultivation Guide
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Princess Agent's Cultivation Guide

Princess Agent's Cultivation Guide
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Princess Agent's Cultivation Guide Comics Online. I was a top-notch agent in my last life and a member of the Chinese Dragon Group. I chose to destroy my enemies all by myself despite the cost being my own life.
After rebirth, I found myself already married to someone, some handsome prince who was said to have turned into a demon! But wait! I have NEVER dated anyone neither in my last life nor in this life, how could I become a married woman so soon?!
My new body is fragile and weak, yet I won't allow it to be a problem on my way of cultivation.
Most importantly, where is my husband? ... Anyway, in this fantasy world, I will live this life the way I like!

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Girl Power
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Daenerys Targaryen
Guys...This is for everyone who have read S1 of this story Princess' happily ever after marriage and confused why her name is Yun You in S2.
In S1 in episode 141 after Lewis regained all his past memories and powers he stops Yuri from killing herself and calls her Yun You.
Also in S1 itself in a previous episode Xueyi had an intuition whether Yuri was the reincarnation of " her". We don't know who this "her" is and the author gives us no hint about it in S1.
So I think Yuri aka Yun You is the same person and Lewis' forever love😍
I'm still confused about the story.Idk how there can be both Yun You and Yuri in the modern world.Did she go back to 21st century or what? I think the author is planning to reveal every thing towards the end.
I'm so so excited about S2 bcs I really really liked the story of S1.Guys those who haven't read S1 pls read it.Its so good.
Thank u so much 🤩💖
Also stay safe everyone!!!😻
Romelyn Habaña Gabasa: I actually cried at the end of the story, it feels like I was stabbed by ten daggers and pierced through my heart, author, you really made it so real, Im more than satisfied
Avikari: princess happily ever after
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citra dewipratiewy
I KNOW IT NOW..!!! because this new comic from the same author of princess happily ever after marriage,, i read that comic again from chapter 1 to the end. and now i get it, this girl in this comic is Yuri,, im sure 80% she Yuri, why ? at the last chap from princess happily ever after marriage the Ultra emperor said ge used his last strength to save Yuri soul, and make her back to what happened a year before final fight with pianran, which means that she's back to her previous life in modern times, but itsl costs her to lose all her memories about Lewis.. so it's like starting again from beginning for her, her soul back to her previous life in modern world and she have illness that she have had to die in age 18, and when she exploded everything with bomb her soul time travelled to her body in lewis world, she lost all her memories about lewis. i glad about this..
Keykay: I thought the soul poison killed part of her soul which caused her to miss the last year and he used his power to awaken the wings seed that she had within her to send her to the academy... so he didn’t send her back to modern times he just sent her to the academy... which here was 4 years ago and she lost her memories
Alexa: Hey 👋 all I'm writing my first novel "she is my lucky Charm" it's an romantic CEO love

please read it and support the book 🤗 Thank you
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kpop fan-girl
she indeed a genius! if she was in the reality and in my country still studying she wil in a high niveau(france) and wil be Havo or VWO by the way my country is Netherland! those two niveau's (france) are the highest ones if you the one highest niveau is VWO!
(note: the word 'niveau' is out of the france language. in netherlands this word is taken from the france language cuz they don't a word that means this word and there are other word taken from english, france and latines {don't how to spel this word' latines' but it's one of the old languages that are nit used anymore i think} and tge word niveau is out of france) you wil understand what i mean if you live in netherland and know netherlands. at that time i wil take her as a goddes for me.
kpop fan-girl: i knew that but i forgot!! 😅 (het is de eerste keer dat ik een Nederlanders reactie zie!! maar goed dat iemand ook nederlander is die op MT leest!! 😆 dan ben ik niet de enige nederlander!! )
Daniii: If you live in the Netherlands you know how to speak Dutch, Not Netherlands that how the country is called. Just a tip so you know for next time ( ik ben ook een Nederlander)
total 12 replies
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