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Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story

Yuna K.
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Milo, a college boy was waiting for his date at a cafe, and that's when he spotted a sad looking boy sitting by the window. A moment later the boy got up and left. Soon after Milo's date fails to show up, he walks home in frustration until he stumbles the same boy he saw earlier that was about to jump off a ledge! Milo saves him, offers the boy to stay in his apartment, and the story begins!

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Boys’ Love
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He asked him why he's suicidal so he just casually told him about losing his virginity... not the most necessary information but thanks anyway I guess
yuuki: nice picture
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Brina 04
the big...i can't imagine it
🍭Little Otaku Girl🍭: Wow your so awesome 😊
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Well yeah, I had to for safety reasons. (Not to mention on web toons, their policy says if artists have any sex scenes, their comic gets terminated.)
But again, you’re more than welcome to go my website for the uncensored parts.
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Emma Akpoguma
so this is a gay manga
🍭Little Otaku Girl🍭: yeah i like BL great job
...:(: what did you expect it's BL
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