Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story
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Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story

Yuna K.
Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story
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Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story Comics Online. Milo, a college boy was waiting for his date at a cafe, and that's when he spotted a sad looking boy sitting by the window. A moment later the boy got up and left. Soon after Milo's date fails to show up, he walks home in frustration until he stumbles the same boy he saw earlier that was about to jump off a ledge! Milo saves him, offers the boy to stay in his apartment, and the story begins!

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TBH I'm kinda disappointed I may be a girl but I LOVE💖💖 GL and BL and I kinda maybe just a little bit wanted to see their stuff 🙊🙈 btw I'm 19 just in case you guys think I'm a little girl
anime_is_life😍🤤😇😈: Tyandrea Williams
the profile picture is deku from my hero academia
Angelo Delima: give me ur Instagram acc. anime is life
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PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! NSFW means = Not Safe For Work!!!!!!! Come on people!!!!!!!!! All of you know how to use the internet!!!!!!!!! Just simply look it up!!!!!! And it doesn't matter if you don't speak English!!!!! This comic is in English!!!!! Even Malaysian people speaks better English than most of you slow Foreigner readers!!!!!!!!
rainboweu: im malaysian...
chu muu: dont be mad yes sometimes they just use internet but dont just say that to them because you dont know their life sorry about what i said i apologize
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Abby Gamer
the title of the comic reminds me of a song, lean on me for when your not strong and I'll be your friend somebody to lean!
Abby Gamer: On!!!!!
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