Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story
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Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story

Yuna K.
Lean on Me: A Boys Love Story
what's wrong with me
I'm a clean freak and that room looks like my youner brother to leave his clothes out on the floor again 'roll up sleeve, puts on a face mask, grab the laundry basket, vaccumm, plus a flies swatter to kill spiders...and maybe some swatting across his head to teach him to keep his room clean.☺
✌︎('ω'✌︎ ) Yeet
Yo he has a hella messy house that he gotta blurt out that he has been robbed when it’s just clean this dude need some chill
gamer ana gacha: agree
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twink spark
that freaking Scum! how could he take advantage of him like that ....
Nurin Qaisara: yeah it could be that ... but who knows
twink spark: hmm I don't think so cuz afterwards he never contacted Aaron plus he didn't even try to stop him ...... n the reason he was blushing is cuz he was doing that *cough ...
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Nershelle L. Agawin
when i search up it says "This site can't be reached"
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: * You all GET the point!!*
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Yeah I wish we can edit comments, but this platform doesn’t have it. *shrug* what can I do? But you all get a point!! leanonmebl.com
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*Grabs cleaning supplies* Time to take out the trash! (Cleans and sprays all the rooms with air freshener and chlorine) there done!!!!
Cainee Jenyvieve Reynoso
why is it so short...i love to see them sexing..
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Ugh!! Stupid typo mistakes!!

Drawing these pages takes a looong time hon (not to mention it took me 3 years to get to 100 pages) and so far, I now only reached the 103 page! I'm currently struggling in the middle chapter 4!! Also right now here on Mangatoon, you're all on the first part of Chapter 2!!
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Drawing these pages takes a looong time hon (not to mention it took me 3 years to get to 100 pages) and so far I now only have 103 page! Right now here on Mangatoon you're all in the middle chapter 4!! And right now you're currently starting the first part of Chapter 2!!
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Evil but cute
wtf Aaron the name of my crush oh my god of all the name ahh ahh ahhh
Ritsuka x Soubi=Loveless: lmao Aaron i's the name of my sister's Ex
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Mey Yeak
Ohhhhh shit my mouth is watering now and my nose is bleeding 😿❤️
But I love it 😹
Jizuhi💖: Hahahh
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ahckk the theory of the girl is pricisely wrong pfft
That last pic with patreon was so awesome! (Not gonna say the other words cause ik kids are on here!)
B😇 Gloade: yh. right like me but can I here it please😅🤗
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Nooooooooooo this can't be the end
Lol he cleaned the place up😂😂
Jina Bear : lmfao
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just a normal shipbuilder
Hmm it looks familiar... *Looks around room* oh that explains a lot
y don't u keep updating author?
sway: Yep, I support author, u can read further in website
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: I'm trying! But Mangatoon takes their time reviewing each pages before they release the for you all to read!!
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Nershelle L. Agawin
so um hey what if the link takes too long what to do?
Nershelle L. Agawin: Thx UwU
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Keep refreshing! I don’t how it’s not working on your side........
But my site works! ......... www.leanonmebl.com

Also my site is connected with another personal art site called..........www.sexycuteart.com
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This is the best story ever! please update!!!!!!!!
Angel joonie
He didn't robbed you 😂😂
how to confirm my age?
Kurosaki Yuna Joanna: Simple, you just click ON the part where it says........”Confirm that you're at least 18 years old or older to view this comic”.
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Dayo Obafemi
Allie H
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