Rebirth : I'm Young Master
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Rebirth : I'm Young Master

Hara Na
Rebirth : I'm Young Master
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Rebirth : I'm Young Master Comics Online. An He is a poor teenager, since he was born he lived on the streets.

But he didn't thing that after he stole two breads. It could change his life.

When he opens his eyes, he became a Young Master.

MangaToon got authorization from Hara Na to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Janelle Anderson
I think the son has a medical condition that he is hiding. His mom is dead and his father moved on with his mother's sister and had a child with her who he showered his love on. I think this boy is lonely and misses his dead mom so acts out since his dad only pays attention to him then (even though his attention is physical abuse).
ANN_BTSOT7STAN: You have a point
Nii-chan: wow that's a long explanation... but you have a point👍👍
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the great pumkin
every on is hating the poor kid but you know what I think he is hiding something painful in that brat attitude that he don't wanna show or maybe he is just spoiled little brat but I don't wanna call him that
time less: yeah. it looks like he has a grudge against the dad. i dont vlame him. who would be ok having his father/mother marrying his uncle/aunt.

that is a bizzare thing. it makes you doubt tjat the parent actually loves the other dead parent.
Najime Fujoshi: It really reminds me of Black Butler-
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Najime Fujoshi
Kind of reminds me of Black Butler but Ciel being more angsty than ever-
°||Little•Panda||°: Thanks sissy.. I also like Najime's fanfic
sweety treat : your fan fic story of black Butler and Najime's fanfic story of black butler...... i love both!!
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