Lethal Wife: Accepting Fate
Romance / CEO / Completed

Lethal Wife: Accepting Fate

KaiYuan Comic
Lethal Wife: Accepting Fate
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Lethal Wife: Accepting Fate Comics Online. She's the daughter of a dangerous head of a gang while he's a more dangerous person no one wants to provoke. But overlapping fate brings them together that one day, she was to kidnap a guy which was said to harm her father's gang but it turns out she kidnapped the wrong person. When she realised it, it was already too late to retreat the situation. she has no choose but to be the servant to this domineering dangerous guy and dressed like a doll...

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Unbreakable: Maybe coz I'm omnipotent 😂😂😂
🌻🌷🌼That Gucci's girl🌷🌼🌻: you again lmai why does every novel contain atleast one comment of yours lol
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Reign Ree
I love this story! (Tho, fl lost her memory thrice, but that’s not the case. Good thing is the two of them reunited in the end, and that is all that matters).
Reign Ree
Wth?! This is TORTURE!!! So Inhumane!!! Violation of human rights. Not ethical nor moral at all. Author, please give our fl some peace, it hurts me seeing her,
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