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Lethal Wife: Accepting Fate

KaiYuan Comic
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She's the daughter of a dangerous head of a gang while he's a more dangerous person no one wants to provoke. But overlapping fate brings them together that one day, she was to kidnap a guy which was said to harm her father's gang but it turns out she kidnapped the wrong person. When she realised it, it was already too late to retreat the situation. she has no choose but to be the servant to this domineering dangerous guy and dressed like a doll...

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Chic Callie
Girls that are reading this chapter... we need to be prepared in defense from pervert like this one. All we need is:
Pepper spray
A tiny gun (pistol)
Master of the arts (like Kung Fu or karate)
And of course an baseball bat for are cheap home protection
MangaFan: I know I know. I’m just joking 🙃
Mariangely B.: lmao i think it is chancla. But that is a powerful weapon. im weak 🤣🤣 I used an Adidas Chancla once on a guy because he smacked my butt with a fly swatter. 😎
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Erza Scarlet
I don't understand this story at all not only this one but all of the other stories that has the same plot. the female lead character get treated badly by her own family and by the male lead character yet she still end up marrying him in the end. Throughout the story she ends up getting betrayed by family and friends not only that she lost her child in the process yet she still end up with the male lead even if it was his fault. For once I would love to read a story where the female lead doesn't end up with the male lead even after she gets humiliated by him nor should she falls in love with him even if they have a kids together. It would be better if she married someone who won't betrayed her also she should married someone with a compassionate heart. someone that who would rather search for the truth for himself and who isn't blind with anger and vengeance in their hearts. All of the other stories that I have read brings sadness to my heart. The thought of losing a child is a feeling that men will never understand since they don't have to carry a child for nine months. once you have a miscarriage or gets an abortion for a child it's like losing a part of you in the process. I don't know why the author makes it so easy for the female lead character to forgive the male lead character after what he has done no matter how many years has pass.
Devangi: he's not a jerk. she was a bitc*. he treated her badly just because he wanted to be with her.
Devangi: if you think that way then you should read tow in one. you'll definitely like it.
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I know it seems strange that, even though she has a position in her family's gang, she can't swim. But some people have a real fear of deep water. I cannot swim. I am a good archer and can even make my own arrows. I can fence (epee or sabre), climb, run VERY fast and defend my self capably in close quarters. But I can't swim. Not a stroke. I can't even float. Sink like a stone. I can ride horses, jump, find my way safely through a forest or a cave system (except when the only way forward is through deep water), and I'm not afraid of much. But throw me in a swimming pool's deep end and I will SCREAM and scream in mindless, shaking, full on TERROR. I've explored abandoned homes, defunct mill towns and abandoned mines. But toss me in the water very close to shore, surrounded by other people and reasonably safe and I am paralysed with fear, a quivering, trembling, crying, whimpering, gibbering WRECK until my feet touch dry land again. So don't be too hard on our FL, because some of us are even worse in the water. It's more common than you might think.
lemurloki: You are a kind person. Thank you. I try to get over fear by learning other things which is why I am always trying to learn new skills. But so far everything swim related I panic too badly to handle.
Abby1rose: You’ve been through a lot. I’m sorry for your friend but if you need to talk to someone come to my comments and I’ll reply as soon as I can. Don’t give up on getting over your fear. Chat to you soon
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