Sword of Benevolence
Action / Fantasy

Sword of Benevolence

Sword of Benevolence
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Update on Thu, Sun
Sword of Benevolence Comics Online. [Boundless Fairyland], a virtual reality platform for gamers to fight as magicians, warriors, healers, and whichever fighting class they choose.

However, the fight has spread beyond the internet, escalating into real bloodshed. In reality, our male lead fell victim right before the final round of the game’s ultimate championship.

He closed his eyes, vowing to seek revenge. He re-opened his eyes, a new day had dawned—a “new” day, two years ago, right before the game was officially released. Memories of the past two years, predictions for the next two years, he who relived it all shall rule it all!

MangaToon got authorization from Heziguangying to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. Other than English, MangaToon also provides the following language versions of Sword of Benevolence:
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Dox kun
I would literally choose shadow droppers if it were me, speed decides who's the winner, you can catch off guard any enemies at any time tho, DISAPPOINTED!
•||UnKnOwN||•: Oof~ it's okay tho... Your just stating your opinion about it so no hard feelings for it... All of us has different opinions on how we see it
Clickbaitisreal 2: i agree with @Dox kun if an assasin was using paterned movements yes it would be easy i guess but if he uses un predictable movements like A berseker it might not work but lastly i also agree since we are in a game only skills that are unique or skills that have there on direction flow that can be chosen by the player but since its a game then theres no stoping jt from being predicted by a pro like ye qiu from kings avatar (sorry for mentioning this manga twice but its a very good experience in gaming unlike sword art online)
total 16 replies
Fake Smile
Record solo? Sounds like King of Avatar to me
Lone Wolf (ship protector): i love the kings avatar especially the intro
Clickbaitisreal 2: you all forget about arifureta
total 9 replies
I'm honestly surprised he hung up on his future girlfriend. I though he would help or does he intend to keep some things the same as in the past and let her become someone else's girlfriend first?
Sunarti Sala3: to let her out of trouble & murderer inreallife.
NEXEx: if he do it she will lost intrest in him
total 2 replies
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