The Mask
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The Mask

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The Mask
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Perla Mae Camingawan
thank you,please crazy update
Ada Moreno
Although I don’t like it too much at the beginning but these art is great and the trama is cool
author please update I am bursting out of curosity
nezuko chan Kamado: are you fans of kaneki Tokyo goul
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massiva Arrouche
l'm a girl myself and find the story really amusing.
It's not only romance your supposed to enjoy, also story
and character development.
mi pann: I see you're a person of culture as well
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I’m here for points but keep it up author because you can do it !!!! So interesting story
Alia Chron: me too 😂✨
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Note : should you accidentally be given a supernatural power, system, super ring, mask know that whatever it is, it's not its only kind in the world thus there are others like you so don't be arrogant and think your invisible 😊
I'd be grateful if one of my fake friends showing their true colours like that instead of keep pretending
i don't like the drawing . if only the drawing were good then think ok reading but ..... i am so disappointed
Cyclone Pr1me: I like this at style and it shows it will be a dark manga as it’s common in very dark mangas. It sets the mood and shows how wild the protagonist’s emotions are at all times.
Unitz00: Ai ai don’t say that because the last I said similar thing on another manga people argued with me. Lol
Anyway It’s true that the drawings are quite special but it’s well match with the story I think. It feels a bit like death note by the way.
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oh my, a direct injection in the brain...
and a huge injection too...
Moon Jeonoona
Oh Truth interesting first here for point but I think I'll continue
Himori: haha same just lovin the story and the art is so lit
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uhm... okay.
so she just poked a big injection in his brain. okay.
of course who wouldnt be mad about your future husband just died.....
Mr. Shocked
that mask and mc are like venom but the mc so cold heart
No one: yeah .
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who picks up a mask from the dirty probably coronavirus infected floor and put it's on "out of curiosity"
Aaron Gamer: A main character does I mean a mc does a lot of random stuff
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Fujoshi at heart ❤
first of all im here for the points and secondly he kinda look like L from DeathNote ❤🤷‍♀️
Fujoshi at heart ❤: i mean he also does with the dark circles 😅
Anz: Relates
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Magiccarnivine Misterious
uh this story is so dark all mask help has dark story or bad background that getting bullied being weak and more kinda boring
🌸Kimi ni todoke🌸
Honestly I'm here for the points...... But looking at the cover page I thought it'll be scary and creepy but it's little bit funny......
Magiccarnivine Misterious
internal damage due of the fight in early episode when mask doesnt control the body am i right
Frost: No, the powerful magic the mask used in the last move before coming back to the original world put too much stress on the body and without the tolerance the mask had when in control, the effects were too much to handle
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OK! don't tell me its an harem? , my hearts want to ship him with his crush! , but I know that the white hair little girl is his real partner because of the cover picture of the comic! , and his sister nah! , he's not into her! , just a respect
wow your husband or whatever just died welp...........


In sorry for your lost..
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