My Fiance Candidates
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My Fiance Candidates

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My Fiance Candidates
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My Fiance Candidates Comics Online. A marriage engagement brings me to a wealthy family to meet my fiance candidates. I think they will compete to marry me, but I actually have opponents, too! And we all live in the social dorm! Will I find the one I love and he who loves me as well?

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wtf!! How can people bully and be jealous of other's so easily????? I've never did so in my entire life(even though I'm 18rn🙄) but still I had good relationship with all of my classmates some places they were better than me some places I was better than them but I never got jealous!!! how pathetic, whenever there was a new student I'd try to make friends with them and try to make them comfortable ( even though many of them left me when they got fimiliar with other's) but I never took it to heart it's their choice I never thought they took advantage of me cuz I was the one who approached them. I really get pissed of by these stupid people
Luan Yu's mother is beautiful than her stepmother. I know her mother got hurt after hearing about her ex-husband from her daughter this is why her reaction is like that. If Luan Yu win the national composition it is the most proudest think for her. Her mother alone rise her without any support. I like her mother so much, she is so strong-minded woman.
Cause he is your father and he came for giving speech specially for you. But no matter how he love Luan Yu I hate him😡🤬. He never came to see her. Luan Yu mother take all hardship and give her youth to grow up Luan Yu😔😔. I hope matter what happen Luan never forgive her father. If her mother wants she can marry another man like her father do. Now, I understand why her mother strict on her because she never want what she suffer her daughter never suffer that 💔💔. I hate him so much
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