Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer
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Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer

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Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Update on Tue, Sat
Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer Comics Online. A CEO, super star, adonis of a man, has a "tiny" issue in his life.
A literally "tiny" issue—He turns tiny from time to time.
Today he shrinks in size again, but instead of waiting for the effect to wear off as he usually did, his debuff is removed by the touch of a woman!
Well...though it's good to know that someone is the cure to his "tiny" issue, he now faces a "big" issue—he's standing completely naked in front of his savior!

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💛🌻Psyche Callista🌻💛
This will turn into a total fantasy demon type story from next episodes onwards'll also get super exciting...some magician type ppl will try to harm QUAN but it has HAPPY go forward to read it
💛🌻Psyche Callista🌻💛: read in mangatoon by changing language
Zaishal Scarlett: where did u read it
total 9 replies
Cuttie Pie
wahh everyone is same haha
when me and my little brother used to fight like that our parents always tell us that we are the only one fight like that look at other kids they get along with their brother and sister. they don't fight like you like cat and dog. 😂😂
le nezuko: those r my cousins

when ever I try to fight with my brother im scared that he would kill me or hurt me terribly so we both live peacefully without fighting ( we do actually fight sometimes but I would always get hurt and my parent will scold me for fighting with him cause he is bigger than me ( he is 7-8 years older than me))

we is le peaceful siblings here
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I think the curse of yuzhuo quan is related to the pixies world..if he married to the fl which has a pure heart and can cure the curse the pixies world will be saved but if he married to ruby that kinda like a demon the pixies world will be in danger.
Christine C Maquirang: I think so,right?
total 1 replies
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