Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer
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Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer

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Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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Update on Tue, Sat
Chibi CEO's Sweetheart Designer Comics Online. A CEO, super star, adonis of a man, has a "tiny" issue in his life.
A literally "tiny" issue—He turns tiny from time to time.
Today he shrinks in size again, but instead of waiting for the effect to wear off as he usually did, his debuff is removed by the touch of a woman!
Well...though it's good to know that someone is the cure to his "tiny" issue, he now faces a "big" issue—he's standing completely naked in front of his savior!

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hey hey hey
"You're the dumbest of all dumb"

–President Quan

Maui Obinque: yesssss
Suho Lee: misaki usui did you watch wa maid Sama!!?
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seriously famous people have no personal life or privacy.....
Taniya Sarkar: yeah.
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💜Lily💜🥀Lost Soul🥀
too much knowledge.
lord hell's main: "Can we meet again?" he said.
"Let's meet once a month" I answered.

A story of a girl who's about to get married but has a change of mind because of a man from her unforgettable night?

to know more please read my chat story entitled

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Erza Scarlet: i think her ex boyfiend?
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