Help! My Pokeman Boyfriend Is real
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Help! My Pokeman Boyfriend Is real

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Help! My Pokeman Boyfriend Is real
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
Aaaaw I’m so exciting cuz of Yexiao’s beautiful proposal!!! FanYin! FanYin! You are so lucky Girl around the world!!! I’m so envious of you right now!!! I Loved this Pokéman BF Yexiao when this manga started to till the end!!! 💗
You are so lucky FanYin!!! You have to Just love this Brilliant BF Yexiao always and forever!!! In return Yexiao definitely will be loving You always and forever too!!! Cuz Yexiao loves you a looooot!!! 💗♾💗
My eyes is playing with me ! I thought the title of this manga is ‘ my pokemon’ so what I did is, I just snob it and scan for another manga to read. Then, the line : ‘ I am whatever you want me to be.’ Tag line catches my attention, then boom ! It’s not really about a Pokemon ! Kekeke. Sorry, my bad. Kyaaaaaaaa
Tsubaki Tsubaki
OMG!!! Wanna slap this Old hag’s filthy mouth so badly!!! This mom named monstrous woman is so damn cunning and disgusting!!! Fan Yin dear just kick her ass and leave her alone!!! You have more important matter to do more than this shit!!! Just go and meet your lover!!! Yexiao is waiting for you my dear!!! Just ignore this old hag!!! 😒
Ren Vinteen
....wait how is it possible to have this problem on the release date PEOPLE HAVE MAKE ADDS FOR A REASON! people said they been waiting for the game but didnt realize the game was similar til it was released that just crazy dont you know games take years to create even with a huge team on one project...the much be an inded game if that the case only so much you can do to made the game different these people dont know what they talking about if there were a copy cat game it would have beem found out long before the release date so it whoever didnt follow advertisements that was in the wrong not whoever first to release
Karnika Gaikar: आय दे
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wait why is he pretending to be virtual?!

anywaysss my guess was kinda right cuzz i really thought he was the pres. but i thought it might not be right (#anxietyhehe) so i just said developer hihi

but seriously why is he pretending?!i mean yeah whyyy.?!!.??
BABEZZZ🥀: yeah I started thinking so too when I saw the pendant on the necklace he gave her
Wegig Prihatmojo: coz he found out that the fl is his lost childhood
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Daisuke Kambe
single people need this game 😂... ok where I can download this ?! I want to have a pokemon too 😂
Daisuke Kambe: kala ko inadd mo sya!!! sige sabihin ko
Little ~ Yue: sige love sabihin mo add nya ko ito yung fb acc ko love .. Daisuke waifu
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Celeste Gomes
how stupid! as usual like most comics even this one shows bad communication, no communication, extended unnecessary drama and ml fl crying, no communication and breakup

stop doing all this above shit in this comic and show a proper comic man!!!
Celeste Gomes: well I already left but thank you
Maron: then dont read
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Love Guy 🤭
imagine we can actually download a game like this
and the anime person we want came to life .💘💖💝
what would you do ?
would you do the same thing this girl is doing or would you have fun ?🥴
Jungkook Aj
what going on....🤔 he is not from game... then who is he... he just showed up....and act like a AI. how does he know that she doing a app testing. anyway it's interesting to read😜.. and new concept...😍...its really cool 😎
Tsubaki Tsubaki
lol Old hag said “You will regret this!!!” Who is regretting??? Only you are the nuisance you know bad mother!!! Just flee far far away from their side old woman!!! If you flee they will be free and happily ever after you know old woman!!! 😒
Airul Isha
IF ALL OTOME GAME REALLY DO EXIST LIKE THIS... I will surely install all of type app so that i can built a harem
Airul Isha: hahahahaha... yeah ofcuzzz... more people more fun
MIDORE-CHAN: hey can i join ur harem
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Jean Love
I thought the title was "pokemon" when I can't find a trace of "pokemon" I reread it.

Shit hahahahahahaha

it was pokeman seriously
Lil'InSane: same lol😂
Avantika singh: hahahaha....
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oh god, i thought it's "POKEMON" but when i read again the title it's POKEMAN 😭😭😭 who's with me? mwhehe
Animefangirl: same here I was like what Pokémon
Lu Lu: Yeah me the same 😂😂😂
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faith mohlari
wait a minute did you notice that she gets notification when he's not in the same room as her 😲😲😲could it be that he control's the app 😞😞😞😞
neko kitty: OMG YESSS
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
OMG!!! This old hag didn’t know how to apologize!!! Once you did wrong thing your own son!!! Now apologize properly from Yexiao!!! What a shameless mother named shit!!! I really hate Yexiao’s parents!!! Once they were humiliate him and abandoned him!!! Now how could they want Yexiao’s care!!! Just how??? So damn hateful and disgusting parents!!! After all I really don’t get this kind of selfish and cruel parents!!! 😒
Tsubaki Tsubaki: Yeah! Ur right!
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Tsubaki Tsubaki
After all Yexiao’s father smarter than mother!!! He agreed them!!! He blessed them!!! You did well father!!! After all This is the father’s duty!!! You sensed it rightly father!!! Claps! Claps! 👏👏👏

Epic4 Real
Bro my roommate heard my yell and he was about to call the police, but I made it clear I was okay. Good job with the comic I’m going to make one and I am just taking ideas, and the architecture of this comic is very nice so I love how you make us understand, so on as to tell the steps one by one so I call this a piece of art. As I want to type some more all I’m saying is keep on going!!!
Anonymous: how do u make a comic
LUKA: so last 2 episode and the comic will be over
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Avantika singh
ooh man... do u know how much she will hate u once she discovere the truth... if i was fl and being used like this.... literally i will hate that man
F*dge, that Ye Xiao with cap looks like the ML character of the hentai that I watch haha
-hisokary-: I KNOW RIGHT
i flippin screamed when i seen it
Hime_sama: but it's good though I need season 2 😂 hope they fell in love with each other. It's interesting haha "A runaway prisoner and A Police officer"
total 5 replies
I really want throw acid on that old hag's face..first she didn't give a shit about her son..tortured him when he was little she acts like a ideal foot...
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