The Glutton Nextdoor
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The Glutton Nextdoor

The Glutton Nextdoor
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The Glutton Nextdoor Comics Online. Art and Story by Sanyuan Studio
What kind of romantic relationship starts from a "harassment" incident?
What kind of romantic relationship hinges on how he cooks?
Well, this one does.
Allow us to present you with Glutton Nextdoor, aka, "the girl who harassed me and took me for a doll now is drooling over the dish I cooked!"

MangaToon got authorization from SNAP to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️
*In the future*
Their children: Dad how did you and mom meet?
Mom: Uhhm.
Dad: Your mom tried to take my pants off in the middle of an exhibition.
Mom: *Guilty*
Their children: Eh?
meloveanime: so tureee🤭
Harshini: obvio karo dekho naam bengali likha hai to Bangladeshi ..... is bangladeshi k baad ka nai smjha

can u translate in Hindi coz I'm unable to understand last 3-4 words.
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seriously I love quantum physics nd I would love it if my professor was not a young guy... u knw its hard to focus... once I had a young teacher as our chemistry sir nd I couldn't focus at all at my studies... he was so handsome nd amiable..
💜BTS=ARMY💜: are Ha 😂😂👍
Loi😉: 😆 😂😂😂
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Spoiler alert~
Ml And FL will share a short of romance in selecting the suit..
the next day in ML showroom there Boss will show up and it's Song Zicheng ( 2nd Ml) Fl will think she's going to fired and will ask Ml to comfort her there will be funny and romantic conversation inbetween them as Ml will say he will take care of the food.. Then president song will say he will fire a person and praise a person.. Fl will think it's her time to get fired but to her surprise it's not her rather someone else.. rather she will be praised by President and will become too happy and will invite everyone for a treat.. but i guess it's the process of second lead to Chase her.. then fl will become drunk.. for more follow me 😉..
😼✌️SUP✌️😼: where did you read it plss tell me
Radha: where do you read it from
pleased please tell me
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