The Glutton Nextdoor
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The Glutton Nextdoor

The Glutton Nextdoor
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Damon Salvatore is mine./ Limelight/ Army/ Billie Eilish.♥️
*In the future*
Their children: Dad how did you and mom meet?
Mom: Uhhm.
Dad: Your mom tried to take my pants off in the middle of an exhibition.
Mom: *Guilty*
Their children: Eh?
Bored: im meitei
Mei yi ( ˘ ³˘)♥: wow..that's interesting ! so are you American or?
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seriously I love quantum physics nd I would love it if my professor was not a young guy... u knw its hard to focus... once I had a young teacher as our chemistry sir nd I couldn't focus at all at my studies... he was so handsome nd amiable..
Mei yi ( ˘ ³˘)♥: hello!
💜ARMY💜: I'm your neighbor y'all
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Tasfia Robbani Mou
What is your favorite comic in this app?
gorobi: I too like you
windy: Who like second to none is my favourite and I really really like this comic
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~Spoiler alert~

If you wanna know a bit more then read my comment
In the upcoming episodes..
The Wu family will have a traditional dinner Where both the brothers will be dining with their father through VC..
lem me say u something our ML has his mother surname i.e Qiao Qiao feng.. and at that time our FL will appear and miss understands them to be couple...

next day..

In Fl's office their boss Mr Song appears.. and starts to like our FL..i guess he is gonna be the 2nd ML..if you want to know more.. then follow me ..
💜Dasom💜: For 2nd part spoiler search my comment above
respectTheDripKaren: Its Chinese or Japanese i think bc they have the eps earlier than the english ver
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ml is somewhat similar to GU WEI YI from drama ‘‘put your head on my shoulder”
the only differ b/t these character is that gu wei yi was allergic of cats......
I love you author hope this story is gonna be too good ahead 😍😍😌😌😍😍😍😌😌
just don't deviate the plot and try to give us more updates as fast as u can please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kristianna Hosang: Yep it exactly like it
🖤: idk why but i love these two name n as well as character.
n hello everyone with same mind as mine😌😇
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fighting with banana
but i kinda feel that they are not not taking it are a banana
i hope every one understand what i mean
Jabed akthar: seriously😂😂
Cindy•|MAD|•😒(long face): That's what Im talking about😂
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She is so messy and He is so neat
She eats like a man and He eats like a girl
She is kinda dumb and He is too smart
this couple is so opposite from each other 🤣
Hi....^_^....: Opposites attract 😉
Stay haruhi: But they are good together
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when FL kicked that one guy lmao girl that was so savage, what a way to introduce her character 🤣 anyways the art looks really nice, FL is pretty and ML is handsome, the story plot seems really interesting, it looks like this story might have a light plot, not too much dramatic stuffs, since this related to foods lol must be fun to read
Chadni: would you like to read my chat story love like deep blue sea.. please click my profile icon.. give it a try
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Min Yoongi😎😴
That "Silly" where the girl god it same goes to me...I also look at my friends..who hugged eachother and catch hand and laugh my imagination go WILD..and I always ask them "ARE U BOTH COUPLE???ARE U GAY???SAY IT I WILL SUPPORT YOU"...and they just look at me and from next friends far away from eachother like they don't know eachother....
Crystaline Blue: yep😭😭😭
me remembering the song named "he likes boys"..
now im wondering if he's gay
💜Dasom💜: Really?..😅
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bro seriously your room is much more messed up even more than
and i thought that i am the only whose room is so messed
but you proved me wrong

between in the first few episodes they just hate each other so much and now the seems to be very easy going and friend what a sudden change man

but ya i like this change
spread_your_wings: thankyou....and tell me how it was after reading it
cristane: for sure
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Kaname Yuki
DAFQ!!! He is way too young Professor!!! 😂😂😂
Cuz of this younger Professor all women students wants to study hard huh!!! He is kinda cool Professor isn’t he!!! Young and good looking Professor can make those female students lively and active!!! 👍🤣🤣🤣👍
One of my favorite lines here...
Him😊: You're so special.
Her😳:Me, what in me is that special?
Him😒: Specially stupid.
My conclusion😑: Don't expect anything good from the start...but the lines were cute and comedic😋
B@D@S$: Thankyou
•~Hap-pea~•: Sure I would like to support you
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Jungkook's sister
I am gonna be honest. you guys are acting stupid, no matter what, sexual harassment is not a nice thing even if she's a female. That's no way to excuse her behavior, no matter if it was a doll, taking the trousers in broad daylight is not a good behavior and I hate to see thus
Trisha Banerjee
I also sometimes feel good after cursing people who try to get on my nerves .
i really like this story, its more of a fun slice of life manhua. FL is really funny, I like her personality. She is such a foodie always eating ML’s foods. ML is really calm and mature. They are so cute together. I love how they get along really quick 😍
lmao this is such a mess, her friend is insane she just assuming things and now FL believes ML likes men 🤣 oh gosh he’s not those type, he just likes to stay calm and not involve much with girls, maybe it has to do with the past...... ok whatever but his chibi is too cute 🤣
Kimmy Kim
Well later you will fell in Love with that good for nothing
the comic is adorable
fl is immature and childish
ml is so cold and mature
what a perfect math😍
Chadni: would you like to read my chat story love like deep blue sea.. please click my profile icon.. give it a try please
Mangalover: yeah love haha
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when he said "Do you want to exchange saliva with me"
Ema_💗: Mine, too..
Sin Driven Devil: sooo you mean like the anime toradora how the mc smiles
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Yukihira yua
Normal girls : Ahhhhh.......cockroaches ( scream through their lungs out......)

Meanwhile Fl : ( EVIL LAUGH ) RIP............
Jeon Irene!: Haha slipper go slap slap
Autumn Spring: You can expect the same from me too😅😂
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