Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
Romance / Completed

Iceberg Prince, Spare Me

KaiYuan Comic
Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
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Iceberg Prince, Spare Me Comics Online. As a substitute of her eloped sister, Shu Han married her Yichen, the prince charming she’s always been longing for. But at their wedding night, this good-looking and nice CEO turned into a monster who forced her to fulfill her responsibility as a wife…

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Hottest Comments
Sia Singh
This is the first time I feel the female lead role is a jerk because she doesn't care about her earlier boyfriend and even dare to say that she was with him only because his looks were like her crush!!!!!
This way according to me she doesn't deserves anyone​s love!!!!!
AGAIN GIRL !!!YOU . ARE . THE . BIGGEST . JERK .I have ever seen in my whole life.

And for her boyfriend.MY sympathy is with you. You deserve someone better than her.
Little Happy Girl
i loved it althought the art happy, am crying when the part when shu han heartbrokens and the schemes that makes she the fault one and the misunderstanding between her and yichen..yichen's want parents like that..a warming, lovely, discipline family..ahh..u can
make movie author..also, little bean is so cons8derate and loving boy..he loves his mommy so much and teach his daddy in that way..ahahahahaha..they're aliie both father and son..
Meroz Reyes
it getting so annoying, everything was repeatedly happening.. the ml suddenly acted sweet then in just a moment he'll turn to a horrible husband my gosh🤦.. just divorce I want him to chased after her when he will realized his true feeling for her, and please i hope she's not that too dumb for change!
Karina Xoxo: Yes it’s so true, I want her to just go with Yunze or tha Lan dude already
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