Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
Romance / Completed

Iceberg Prince, Spare Me

KaiYuan Comic
Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
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Iceberg Prince, Spare Me Comics Online. As a substitute of her eloped sister, Shu Han married her Yichen, the prince charming she’s always been longing for. But at their wedding night, this good-looking and nice CEO turned into a monster who forced her to fulfill her responsibility as a wife…

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Hottest Comments
Jamie Beltran
Why cant you have another man while your own husban has been seeings an ugly whore and bought her to his house.

You should be with the blond guy he respect you than your stupid husband who only know how to flirt with another girl.

Even if your family has to pay a debt they owe for this guy it shouldn't be you the one who is paying because your sister ran away it wasnt your fault

Anyway the reason why that happened is your sister saw her fiance holding another girl in his arms even if we are girls they should see that we also have feelings and we can be hurt by others.
We are beautiful and talented in any things we do we dont need boys to see the things we worked hard on dont be to hard on yourself because one day you will let those persons who hurt you pay for what they did
merli Sundari
Sengaja mampir kesini soalnya baru up versi indo nya haaaa
Ree Zheety: liat aja author nya kak, nanti cari dengan komik yg sama pasti ketemu
chu ze please love me 😍😘: guys .. boleh nanya gak .. komik yg judul indo nya rencana pelarian selena . di versi englishnya judul nya apa . ya .. soalnya yg versi indo nya lama uodet nya
total 14 replies
but like what happened to the chick that caused her to jump off the cliff??? Like yea it was mentioned that he pushed away all females and all but he had video cameras set up at the villa wouldnt he have seen the other girl threaten Han????
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