Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
Romance / Completed

Iceberg Prince, Spare Me

KaiYuan Comic
Iceberg Prince, Spare Me
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Iceberg Prince, Spare Me Comics Online. As a substitute of her eloped sister, Shu Han married her Yichen, the prince charming she’s always been longing for. But at their wedding night, this good-looking and nice CEO turned into a monster who forced her to fulfill her responsibility as a wife…

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Hottest Comments
Here’s what I think will happen next
1. A jealous nan
2. A spying nan
3.A caught nan
4. An awkward few minutes of staring at each other
5. Nan flirting with this random hoe cause he’s jealous
6. He probably gonna make her sad
7. Then he’ll get slapped i meant dusted of by his friend
8. Don’t know what will happen next
Soumik Dan
this story is so good but it can be much better anyway the plot is really good and I thought I would cry at some point and I did ,its really good but who was the other firl beside out little bean ?I think she was daughter of that fan fan girl, though i envy shu han and yichen very much hope they can happily leave forever
they all have FAULTS

Shu Han : too weak , go out with Lan everytime even she already has a husband

Yi Chen : He believes Fan Fan , He doesnt even believe his own FEELINGS

Fan Fan : She's the third wheel , She wanted to make YiShu's marriage broken , She also manipulated all the facts

Lan : He wanted to have Shu Han as his gf , He is tooo ambitious to be with Shu Han

argh , its hard too explain

btw.... this is only my opinion , dont take it too serious <3
Crazygirl27: Dude don’t blame shu Han she is innocent, she done nothing wrong, Yi Chen is controlling af, does the exact things that he tells her not to do. How is that even fair.
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