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Iceberg Prince, Spare Me

KaiYuan Comic
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As a substitute of her eloped sister, Shu Han married her Yichen, the prince charming she’s always been longing for. But at their wedding night, this good-looking and nice CEO turned into a monster who forced her to fulfill her responsibility as a wife…

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Yo this dude stay, saying that she wants to be with him because she just wants his money, but can he list at least 3 things that she has asked for from him that costed any type of big amounts of money? Did you ever see her in this series ask him to buy her jewelry, clothes shoes, no she didn't ask him to buy her any of that, so when did you come to the conclusion that she was with you for your money, because if she was, she would have done anything in her power just to get something expensive and ask him for food. She didn't ask him for money and ask him for jewelry, nothing she didn't even ask him to order her something, she really had the audacity to starve herself just so that you can continue working, do you know how painful that is to starve yourself for the rest of the day, only one meal in the whole entire day, and you're talking about, she wants to be with you for money, boy, please, she didn't even want to ask you for food, and you're talking about, she wants you for money that makes no sense. This dude is officially the dumbest, most idiotic guy in the whole wide world.
Ronisha Ronisha: you know mc in comic r dumb don t ues logic
cmyteddy: if that's the case, you might as well quit reading altogether. most of these manhua are pretty much the same. either the guy is dumb or the girl is dumb. some are even worse cuz both are dumb. it's really rare to find 1 fully satisfying and u probably won't find it til u read all the other titles.
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Clarissa Versace
I just remember that i read a novel almost the same but the novel is like the FL was kidnap on her wedding day and her Fiancè had to married her sister to avoid humiliation to her and his family. When she was rescue no one believe her story and all her family hate her especially her beloved youngest sister. She got kidnapped bcs she was hapless, the main objective of the culprit was to kidnap ML but FL was on the same place with ML so they kidnaped both. The novel was very sad bcs she was innocent and her own family think that FL did on purpose, her sister fall in love with her ex fiancè (husband after the marriage)and so did the ex fiance by showing their lovey dovey infront of her obviously she still love his ex fiancè..(make my heart broke) after FL move on from a heart break she fall in love with ML but the brother in law want her back bcs he just know the real story that she was innocent 😢
🐰Bubble🐰: Hey guys, I'm writing a novel Hide and Seek. So, can you all give it a try?❤️❤️
Clarissa Versace : sure 😉
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Alicia Bernard
So stupid. Writer, is this your way of telling us that you're bored with the story too? and that's why you ended it this way? I am disappointed. This story developed so slowly. For almost 100 chapters, the ML has hated, mistreated, and degraded the FL. I wanted her to leave or die. I didn't care anymore because she became so pathetic. Then she finally disappears. I wanted to see how the ML adapted. You could have at least tell us what happened between the ML and the sister he loved so much? or what made him realize his love for his wife? After all, he didn't care about her even she was pregnant with his child, so what changed? Instead, you skipped 6 years, made FL a bodyguard, of all things, protecting her abusive husband, no less. Was that an attempt to make her look less pathetic? Also, she now has the support of her in-laws who also didn't care about her before. ML miraculously solved the mystery of FL disappearance in 2 chapters. Really disappointing
Baddest Queen: does anyone know if there will be a new season
Kawthar: Are you sure we’re reading the same story?
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