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Iceberg Prince, Spare Me

KaiYuan Comic
Clarissa Versace
I just remember that i read a novel almost the same but the novel is like the FL was kidnap on her wedding day and her Fiancè had to married her sister to avoid humiliation to her and his family. When she was rescue no one believe her story and all her family hate her especially her beloved youngest sister. She got kidnapped bcs she was hapless, the main objective of the culprit was to kidnap ML but FL was on the same place with ML so they kidnaped both. The novel was very sad bcs she was innocent and her own family think that FL did on purpose, her sister fall in love with her ex fiancè (husband after the marriage)and so did the ex fiance by showing their lovey dovey infront of her obviously she still love his ex fiancè..(make my heart broke) after FL move on from a heart break she fall in love with ML but the brother in law want her back bcs he just know the real story that she was innocent 😢
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Clarissa Versace : sure 😉
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Alicia Bernard
So stupid. Writer, is this your way of telling us that you're bored with the story too? and that's why you ended it this way? I am disappointed. This story developed so slowly. For almost 100 chapters, the ML has hated, mistreated, and degraded the FL. I wanted her to leave or die. I didn't care anymore because she became so pathetic. Then she finally disappears. I wanted to see how the ML adapted. You could have at least tell us what happened between the ML and the sister he loved so much? or what made him realize his love for his wife? After all, he didn't care about her even she was pregnant with his child, so what changed? Instead, you skipped 6 years, made FL a bodyguard, of all things, protecting her abusive husband, no less. Was that an attempt to make her look less pathetic? Also, she now has the support of her in-laws who also didn't care about her before. ML miraculously solved the mystery of FL disappearance in 2 chapters. Really disappointing
Ana Marie Torres: yes she got it back and from the first time they meet again she already notice why she feel shes in love w/ the Ml for such a short time so she become only confuse
Ana Marie Torres: yeah youre right
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l u c í a
Well... that fake kidnapping was... totally unexpected... and too fast 😳 The characters change their feelings lots of times without explanation, for example little bean helps her mother to run away and then helps his grandparents. Same thing with Shu Han towards Yichen, or Fan Fan confessing what she did wrong but never getting any punishment. Then I wonder what happened with the sister, a least an explanation of why she ran away -she had a lover? didn't want to marry Yichen?- 🤔 The story is not bad, entertaining using a few common cliches. The author did a good job though! It's just that I liked it better when the ML and the FL were starting to get along after so many fights.
Har Lyn
What? Is that all.. After that 100 plus chapters.. The characters didn't bother their selves to find her missing sister and.. Her families didn't apologize to her.. What the hell.. I spent more than week to read this because I want to know where is her sister and why did she live that man alone in church...

I don't understand.. Are a real author? Or you want to be a famous?
Catherine Jablonska: well the mom did said she disowned her because she was afraid nan was going to attack them again.
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The ml has never had a mind to be faithful to the MC. The whole reason why he was mad at the MC was because he wanted to marry her sister. Time and time again since the first night after their wedding he has made a point to let her know her place. He has reiterated this by showing her he has other women. I don't get why people can be so mad at Fan Fan who was the ml's beloved before the MC was ever involved. Fan Fan has gotten away with what she's been doing and acting the way she does because he allows her to. Also if he knew what was going on now I don't think he'd care because he's done something like this before. He's even thought of Fan Fan while he was having sex with the MC on 2 separate occasions. I can't even feel bad for the MC because the ml has disrespected her similarly before, multiple times and the MC has been the fool who has enabled him. She might cry but she'll still leave herself open for more abusive behavior. She forgives him easily and never learns a lesson or puts her foot down.
In the beginning, I just read this as timepass and tagged it as a stereotypical president lovestory. But, as the story progressed (nearly after the 5yr gap), when she was a bit brave, he was self-blaming, I liked it. This was my like, but the reason I loved was the new art which began at 127. The new art strokes are more like a gentle and tender ones(for me, there was some sharpness and unpleasantness in the old art.) In new, even grandparents look a bit like in their early thirties. The most favourite thing abt this story is the way Chen revenged everyone who hurt his wife and the plan of their parents to let them spend some time together in the island and open their hearts.
nurul farhana
this story is good but it make me laugh..first, please just look the CCTV and figure what happens. second, just do the DNA to prove the child and it automatically prove that is she your wife. maybe we can't take this story seriously and just had fun but that thing always in my mind. it make me want to snap yinchen head and told him "please look the already 6 years bro"
Princess Hinata
To my point of view, the manhua is really beautiful.. I don't see any mistakes about this manhua.. Everything is really perfect.. The number of the chapters is really perfect.. It's no long, no so short...The truth revealation of the chapter is happened at the perfect moment.. ML has regrets for his deeds and FL has some dignity..
In the end, the manhua is really perfect and beautiful...Thanks author for your hardworks...🙂🙂🙂🙂
good lord that woman went trough hell, and now she regained her memories and heard the truth almost in a week, just give her some time to swallow all of that, that can seriously damage someone! just once in her life give her the chance to decide for herself, if she loves you she'll come back but he's just constantly on her, since thw day they married he's always telling her what to do where to go, just give her SOME FRIGGIN SPACE! LET! THE! WOMAN! BREATH! FOR! GODS! SAKE!
I was eating noodles and when the father hugged him I was waving my hand around like a maniac with the fork in my hand and people started staring at me looking concerned...I can no blame me!!!! This is the most interesting manga I’ve read in my life!!!
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Amnesty Lee's life isn't particularity boring, you can say its synchronized on the eat, sleep, anime, school stuff, hang out occasionally repeat level. This Level changes time to time due to her school transfers (dad's job), this time it's different. She transfers in an elite school, which her dad barely affords and hence he wants results accordingly. There she meets the ever popular Reeve Ray, the thing about Amnesty is that she absolutely detests playboys, but Reeve isn't your average playboy. They both are pain in each others asses. They both shifted the synchronization in each others lifes.
fite me bish
why can't she just
1) pack her things
2) get a divorce paper and sign it
3) leave it
4) leave the house secretly
5) use money to migrate
6) live a fuvking normal and happy life
Fi Zha Wang
shit !! because Shu Han !!? Hay dumb-ass, its all becuz you too labile and cannot make one decision !!!!
First, If you truly love FanFan you should rejecting the wedding arangement with the Wan (?) family (ShuJie Family) at the first place.
Second, you seem enjoy the wedding arangement with Shu Jie , looks like you really love her that can make you upset bcz she suddenly living you. Then why when FanFan comeback you run to her and ask her to accept you again ???

huh !!

i feel sad for Shu Han 😔😔
Ana Marie Torres
although there are some unfinished business about the family of han er im still satisfied with the ending of their story at least the truth about what happened six years ago got revealed
any suggestions of a man protagonist is like this weak i mean reverse. girls are always the weak why not reverse i want to read that one ssuggestions pls
I don’t care if this alien called fan fan is weak or not...get over it and just forget it have a faithful/loyal/gorgeous wife right next to you 🤦‍♀️
Just dump the whole manwhore and start a new life 🤦‍♀️
He doesn’t even treat you like a human....
Just an object he possesses according to the contract
wow this is the first friend who's in love with there best friends' girl that gave up on the girl so easily! I'm impressed and a little disappointed lol
Griffon Kryzen
I really start thinking a plot twist like she forget about his or smtn. 😕

welp at least he looks less like a jerk for now 😒
Nakapa stupid tlaga ni girl bkt hnd mo na iwanan Yan, puro sakit at sama ng loob lang makukuha mo dyan, Wala ka bang natitirang awa para sa sarili mo, e divorce mo na yan.
JenXx: Kaya nga puro iyak nlang hahhaha
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