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President's Priceless Wife

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Tang Ke Ran got drunk and slept with a strange man, she ran away the next morning, not knowing that she was pregnant ... After her family encountered a great change, she went abroad. Years later she came back and met with that man again. What kind of story would happen among a hacker son, a smart daughter, a president dad, and a mother who's good at muddling through…?

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Guys don't feel bad for him please

1. He had an entire affair with another women two days before the wedding

2. Tried to blame it on her as he just as guilty for doing 1

3. Said "from this day forward we have nothing to do with each other"

He made it clear and all that is on chapter 2 , okay he waited for 6 years? Who gonna wait for someone for 6 years who already have children that it's not his plus haven't seen the girl. It was by chance that he see her again, cause he did reject every girl for 6 years but how he know she was alive or dead? Didn't know. This was really stupid on his part, could have a happy life with her if he didn't do it first and made her feel grief and drunk and have 2 kids and we have our now male lead. See life have consequences buckaroo
Melanie Rolón Meléndez: I agree
Black heart : yea but the guy really love her but I don't kinda understand much about love matters.
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We can feel a little sadness for this guy...but then there's Chapter 2, where half of his claims are outed as pure horseshit/bullshit/chickenshit/pigshit/elephantshit/etc. since HIS actions and his reaction to her reaction to his actions started the whole avalanche of consequences. A woman without great strength AND luck might have not come through the things that happened to her. And now here he is, dishing up guilt and emotional pain with a shovel. And do we really believe he waited for her? This guy who couldn't be faithful to begin with? Maybe he does love her, but he wants all his mistakes to be ignored while he "forgives" and loves her in spite of hers--love like that falls like the lash of a whip. Other readers expressed these points better, but I needed to vent.
⚜️ Venerable Light (Dark_Clan😈 Elder): I will definitely support 😎😎
⚜️ Venerable Light (Dark_Clan😈 Elder): thank you I guess 😎
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Gennalyn Apidol
actually Lu Xu didn't cheated on RanRan. That girl with the green hair ask him to meet her then ask RanRan to come. When she noticed RanRan she make sure she would misunderstand them so that's what happened. RanRan can't believe and she doesn't to listen to his explanation and also she got pregnant after that. And actually Ye Jue cooperated with that green hair girl's brother to bring down RanRan's parents company. Since they're done with their missions, That green haired girl got engaged with Ye Jue.. So actually, Lu Xu is the clean one here for the time being. So I totally want Lu Xu and RanRan to be together and their story to be untold.
Ritsu Hussain: Thanks for the summary, I forgot what happened in the beginning 😅
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