President's Priceless Wife
Romance / CEO

President's Priceless Wife

KaiYuan Comic
President's Priceless Wife
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President's Priceless Wife Comics Online. Tang Ke Ran got drunk and slept with a strange man, she ran away the next morning, not knowing that she was pregnant ... After her family encountered a great change, she went abroad. Years later she came back and met with that man again. What kind of story would happen among a hacker son, a smart daughter, a president dad, and a mother who's good at muddling through…?

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Suhani (Teddy bear)😁💖💖
I am really piss off this same story than manga shows, Always in first episodes of any mangaes, FL and ml r drunk and Fl mistakely go to ml room and than they have sex with each other and that in other episodes FL leaves the country or city and again came back after 3 or 4 year😂😂 with his sons and daughter, And son look exactly like ml and daughter look exactly like fl, And however ml find his kids and take his kids and their mother in his luxurious villa and than the ml and Fl slowly fell in love with each other, 😂😂😂😂Ml has always got high level background and Fl always got low It's really funny that half of the manga has this type of storyline😂😂😂😂
💠 Latte 💠: I got bored with this type of storylines so I went reading some korean manhwas then. Manhwas like, I became the Emperors Daughter, The Abandoned Empress, Lady Baby, Iris with the Smartphone, Doctor Elise ;are all with almost the same genres but they have unique plots and I love it.
writing is my hobby: if you want a different storyline but still has a ceo u can read mine

im just suggesting hehe~......the title is "Unexpectedly turned into a K-pop performer"
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In the 7th panel... seeing his lust filled face... I have a mind to send Leishmacronions to eat his face.
Leishmacronions: Pea sized insects with an extremely hard shell made of keratin. These creatures have four mandibles which secrete a powerful acid capable of melting through any kind of skin. Once they melt the skin, they use their sharp legs to burrow into the flesh, once inside they begin to eat the flesh of their host slowly. If threatened, they burrow deeper and hide in the arteries and veins... once inside a person's body, they keep moving continuously... so it's impossible to remove them. Even after the host dies, they continue eating the flesh until nothing is left.
Nusrat Tinu🌺티나🌺: yea obviously I'll try it🥰🥰
Nemesis: okay... but you try my novel "Fantastic stories" first please
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So you killed the Fl's father for hurting your sister for sneaking into HIS family and stealing files that were worth 30mil?! So let me get this straight, you lied to him, YOU had YOUR SISTER sneak into his family, stole files that were worth 30 MILLION and on top of that she ruined his only daughters marriage and you wanna blame HIM for getting REVENGE on your sister? NANI?! Also you tried to kill our Fl because she was part of the family that YOU had YOUR SISTER sneak into?! That makes no sense what-so-ever. WAIT! You tried to kill our Fl for something she had COMPLETELY NOTHING to do with? Oh Hell naw you is officially on my K.I.L.K list. Oh what is that you ask? Well it means KEEP IN LINE OR KILL list, but since I kind of like his personality he's in the clear FOR RIGHT NOW but one more slip up and he'll be on my D.F.L list.
💜Army Sanju💜: Hi, Sorry to disturb you but if you like to read CEO genre love story chat novel then can you please read my chat " Aggressive Love " and give me your support and reviews too.😊💜💜
Nemesis: Wise beings think alike.👍
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