President's Priceless Wife
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President's Priceless Wife

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President's Priceless Wife
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faith margaret
Doesn't ye jiu have any friends? I mean, look at the people he looks to for relationship advice.
1. His son who poses as a hacker who is also a stranger to ye jiu
2. Yunsheng, his fiancé's brother
3. Lu xu., his love rival
He doesn't think of anyone else to ask for advice. And to be honest, they r not the best source for advice related to ran. 😂😂
Miss Karina: guys check out my nove...

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ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Abubakar
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how can xu jing still be happy with yunsheng 🤨🤨 when that guy destroyed her best friend life.... maybe I'm too sensitive 😅😅 and I don't understand the relationship or the xu jing doesn't know that the guy ruin her friend's life 🤔🤔
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Guys check out my novels.

Janaah Telor: i dont think so but i think the one who destroyed her best friend life is yunsheng .. and i think it must yunsheng younger sister and i really ship both of them ..
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Essence 7
truthfully author I'm really hating the ml. like ik we hate alot of ml but how can anyone love him???? like al his things he goes for good are shallow
ryunosuke tanaka: Bro shut up. We get that but the thing is, if he an author u want ur audience to be satisfied with ur work. if someone tells him that they don’t like this part of the story or are questioning it, like this person did they’re not hating or degrading his hard work.
ASSIDDEEQY💧[Valry]: Guys check out my novels.

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• Q U A C K •
Exactly! No matter how much you love a man if they can’t or won’t cherish you and your love for him then he’s not worth loving or maybe it’s time to start new and find someone else.
Hahah Ning Ning is letting his dad fight his battle alone😂😂.Haha Yusheng isn't exactly the right guy to go for advice.Tho Yusheng seems of good character.He tried to help his buddy after all.
Both the second lead and ML are annoying this chapter, honestly. Lu Xu seems very shady and has ulterior motive s with how he’s constantly pestering her even tho she rejected him for the 373839!th time. It also lowkey bothers me how the ML brought up their one-night stand to get back at the ex fiancé, that was so petty and kinda messed up in my opinion.
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Thank u 🥺 really appreciate ya!
Just_ship_it: the fucks wrong with you, if you have a problem against freedom of speach then get outta here, where we ACTUALLY give our advice and opinions
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Hahah I'm so happy the female lead is not like the ones in other manga who can't even fight for herself.I'm happy that Ya'ran has a carefree personality.She has her kids who mean the world to her so she is least bothered about men in her life.
Hahah without even meaning to she has 3 mein vying for her so deeply.The 3rd one should make his appearance more tho.
Medhu: Yeah!! Exactly.
Byho Haun: Plus she’s a black belt in judo
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Hahahaha Ye Jue your this attitude will only drive her away from you.
mayward fans
if the guy doesn't love you walk away and cherish your own happiness rather you forced a guy he doesn't care about you at all..lesson learned u love yourself before loving someone
mayward fans: 😘😘😘😘😘😘🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
😘😘😘😍😍😍🇵🇭: hello
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Little Immortal 😇
Hey are you a woman..? Firstly he don't know that they are his children and you keep all yourselves ..And then you think on the most inauspicious day that you love him..
Thankfully the son didn’t inherit his low IQ and is actually smart. Man how clueless can he get!? Just dump your fiancé first man 😑
Michelle Ho: Ning Ning got these relationship abilities from Huan Huan and his mom. thankfully
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: Lmao agreed! He is absolutely clueless
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“Yeah, just go ahead and get married so I can return to my normal life”

😂😂😂😂😂😂 I honestly love how she doesn’t give af about their marriage at all!

And Ye Jue needs to stop stringing two women along and pick one at a time already! He has no right to get mad at Yaran if she sees other men when he has a fiancé!
momose narumi
But I like my spaghetti sweet and with hotdogs. Don't judge me! LOL. 😂😂😂
SHIPPER_FANGIRL: I won’t. I’m u too
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Lil Dove
please tell me he hung up and wasn't hearing this
Nephelle: hope he hears
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Hahahha I'm just glad that Ning Ning's EQ is as good as his IQ and is not as idiotic as his dad😂😂.
I watch this drama nowadays cause I always wait for Ning Ning's part hehe.
animes logic
a women beautiful, pretty, white skinned
a Man handsome , extremely rich , successful
and kids are also pretty , yeah all kids are pretty but what is the logic that a five year old kido can cook , man that is so unrealistic
be more realistic
AMNA: what ????!!!!!!
stormi: You do be living under a rock
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Odette - the FUJOSHI GURU 🥒💦 -
please do a crazy update for this, this series is wayyyyyy left behind from the manhua released (around 50+)... its hard to check the chapters then loom for translation.
FL spoke FACTS! True words of wisdom.
Dollfaze mc: the first time that FL said those words.
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Youe Yang
Nah when you fall in love you can smell the person u love perfume or scents miles away or neither closely.... for ur soulmate you go for their sense of smell. Lol
because of spaghetti, 😂 you forget what you should say to xura yanlol
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