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President's Priceless Wife
Can’t she stick to her decision? She’s kinda wishy washy. She almost got back together with him if it’s not only bcos of her son interrupting them at the cemetery and eventually remembering his betrayal. Then decided not to get back, moving her attention to ye jue realizing she has feelings for him. And now what? Just bcoz he said all those promises and sweet nothings she’s ready to give him a chance. Hey girl can u be firm at once. No is a no. Yes is a yes. Why do i see u can easily get persuaded? 🤦🏻‍♀️ don’t play with fire you can end up get burned yourself. She needs to be firm, decisive and clever. Last thing, please don’t go back to old pasture.. even though I already know you’ll be together with ye jue in the end
LittleTreasurexJason: *...for her to think he cheated on her.....

Ugh. Messed up the pronouns and I should know better!
LittleTreasurexJason: Well, if he was drugged or drunk then he was r@ped and the wrong was done to him. I think it's perfectly reasonable though for her to think she cheated on him when she doesn't know all the facts because no one is telling her, especially since, as you said, they concern her and, like crzayreader said, the one most closely associated with the situation of six years ago, the second ML, is not telling her.
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Hahahha man I just love Ning ning.He is quiet the man at such a young age.He's really good,he looks after his mom and sis so well.Xu Ya Ran hadn't even considered about the fiancee matter but Ning ning considered it all cause he wants his mommy to have a proper status and safe life.I'm happy Ning Ning is there else Xu Ya Ran is too stupid to the matters of the heart.I'm glad Jing is fine too.Seems like her beau loves her alot.He saved her just in the nick of time.I hope they are able to fing the real perpetrators and punish them.
Guys don't feel bad for him please

1. He had an entire affair with another women two days before the wedding

2. Tried to blame it on her as he just as guilty for doing 1

3. Said "from this day forward we have nothing to do with each other"

He made it clear and all that is on chapter 2 , okay he waited for 6 years? Who gonna wait for someone for 6 years who already have children that it's not his plus haven't seen the girl. It was by chance that he see her again, cause he did reject every girl for 6 years but how he know she was alive or dead? Didn't know. This was really stupid on his part, could have a happy life with her if he didn't do it first and made her feel grief and drunk and have 2 kids and we have our now male lead. See life have consequences buckaroo
Princess Anaar: hi Lina, because I am also in same situation as yours here is my advice to you... when he says he doesn't love you anymore don't cry for him. that type of guy doesn't deserve you.... trust me if you still trust him you will be the one that gets hurt not him.... so better move on
Black heart : You are welcome dear
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Star 🌟
So he is using his wife and children to cancel his engagement killing two birds with one stone
He thinks of her as his wife isn't that cute

Wasn't his family involved of the bankruptcy of Tang family I wounder where it is going from here I'm curious
rose 🥀: I don’t think he was involved with the bankruptcy but his family members instead
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I have a feeling he already saved the kids and is just waiting for her to spit everything out and confess the truth already! Can’t believe he couldn’t recognize his own kids for that long tho.. the son is a mini replica version of him 😂
Haruna-cchi☺️: DUMB YE JUEs
rose 🥀: He’s so stupid he didn’t even get suspicious about the kids who look like him and he even believed that she was the sister and even if she was the sister wouldn’t the mom be older than him
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Father- do you have any opinion on your handsome and wealthy dad?
Son- you share love for different women and you have e fiancee.. if I call you daddy, wouldn’t I have two moms tomorrow?
Lmao!🤣🤣 when your son is much savage than you🤣🤣
Kathleen Sacluti
Ning ning is so much better than his father!!! He uses his brain and his heart wisely! That is right don't just accept him just because he is related by blood. He hasn't been there and he did lots of bad things against Xu Ya Ran's family (Tang's); and he still have yet to make amends for all of those...
im quite happy to have him cancel his engagement but its not quite good to use ranran and her kids as excuse though FINALLY THE TRUTH HAD BEEN TOLD! gad! FOR HOW LONG THIS DRAMA CONTINUES THANK GOD IT ENDS TO DAY!! 😭😭

I now worry of what will happen if the families knew that Ye jues family had cause misfortune to Ranran's family!
Post porned? 😂😂😂😂 am I the only one that noticed that!? Honestly I can’t stand the red hair on her, it looks SO TACKY that’s a formal event and she looks like she’s cosplaying for anime or something!

There’s not much I can say about this chapter, it’s just not interesting when her son isn’t around! I want him to show up and pull the strings behind the scenes to make things more fun and interesting. But honestly if Ye Jue doesn’t even like his fiancé he can just dump her right? Why’s he even doing unnecessary things with my girl over here? 🤨
YesHi Tsuki Dor-Yang: well no one is perfect in this world...
ユリハジメ: The error is way too much. From postponed to post porned. The translator might be a pervert.
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“Was he taking care of you in the bed?”

OKAY WTF!! she should’ve slapped him THEN AND THERE!! He’s in no place to be talkin when he has a whole ass fiancé and is messing around with this girl. Not to mention he’s a walking STD who probably slept with girls from the entire freaking alphabet!!

Like NO MAN not everyone’s like you! 😤 I don’t ship it! He’s still a huge jerk and I want to know what happened with her family’s downfall!
the mom is XD not very smart... i feel like one minute she aint inlove with ye the next chapter she is sad he is getting married .. and now she is asking him to drop the fiance this moved way too fast😅 ... but son and father relationship its soo cute:3
OTTOKE YE JUE, is the dumbest stupidest jerk ive ever known... if he knew the kids were not there HE COULD HAVE INFORM YANRAN AND BEGUN THE SEARCH RIGHT AWAY INSTEAD OF HAVING SOME QUITE SWEEET REUNION OUT THERE!!

To ma dumb girl and boi, please u two, make out ur minds! ya stressing me out

P.S to thar jealous old hag, you cannot do something to our little twins cuz theyre brain is 100% working than yours haha!
Ning Ning is the real boss in this story. Loved how much he calls Ye Jue out all the time. He needs to break it off with his fiancé ASAP! Glad he brought it up, I was waiting for someone to mention it :)
both of them are really stupid...he already know her Identity....plz read 1 n 2 episode... they don't remember each other really...they clearly saw each other face at that time
Alisha : yes..
Alisha : no...he 1st episode...
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Brah they look almost EXACTLY like you and the FL!? Why the surprised pikachu face? 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

Like thank god the son didn’t inherit his IQ level 🤪🤪🤪
RAVIOLI RAVIOLI SEND ME THE NUDEOLI: That’s what I was wondering too lmao he’s so clueless
Park Haera: I mean why didn’t he notice -?-
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Mohammedi Quadri
I really love this kid ning ning....this is the first time in my life i m so much impressed with a childs character. Even though i have seen many action mangas with child prodigy...but no one can match ning ning...hats offf😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
We can feel a little sadness for this guy...but then there's Chapter 2, where half of his claims are outed as pure horseshit/bullshit/chickenshit/pigshit/elephantshit/etc. since HIS actions and his reaction to her reaction to his actions started the whole avalanche of consequences. A woman without great strength AND luck might have not come through the things that happened to her. And now here he is, dishing up guilt and emotional pain with a shovel. And do we really believe he waited for her? This guy who couldn't be faithful to begin with? Maybe he does love her, but he wants all his mistakes to be ignored while he "forgives" and loves her in spite of hers--love like that falls like the lash of a whip. Other readers expressed these points better, but I needed to vent.
➿: Animal shits Lmao
⚜️ Venerable Light (Dark_Clan😈 Elder): I will definitely support 😎😎
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Yui Takabashi 💖
You disgusting freaking bastard nerd
Don't u feel ashamed making use of your children and wife to cancel your engagement with your fiance
LittleTreasurexJason: 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇
LittleTreasurexJason: He already hasn't and yes it is still really a problem.
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I see that he is using her to get out of the engagement but I'm curious if after her gets out of it if he is gonna toss her to the side and try to take the kids from her
Vee: Nope, he's already in love with Ran
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Hina A Horani G
so finally he find out the truth and want to break his engagement for that girl and even he call her wife now so i don't think she can escape from him and he go her easily now 😐🤔
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