President's Priceless Wife
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President's Priceless Wife

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President's Priceless Wife
i got back to read 1st ch again and i found that when he woke up in the morning after the fl had left he knew that the girl was tang's daughter tang keran. He already know her identity if he remembered everything.
Hahah Ye Jue's dilemma is solved but Xu Yan's isn't solved.It seems like Ye family was really involved in her Tang family's bankruptcy.What will she do when she finds the truth??
Medhu: No he didn't actually.Her ex said so but he didn't reveal it in front of her.
Crzayreader: wasn't she already told the truth of him being one of the reason for the destruction of her family
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He's using her and the children for breaking the engagement seriously...he doesn't love them now that he found out about their identity...not a little bit
Essence 7
I need the next line to be.

why do I have to tell the truth when all you did was hurt me in the beginning and then hurt me when I cam back. you cant see clear as day they are your kids??? you can find out all you want but his important information
Yuki 🌹
ningning and Sylvia (from the desserted woman , I guess ) will definitely make a good couple 😂😂😂😂
Mohammedi Quadri: If they are together i bet they are too hot to handle💥💣💣
Mohammedi Quadri: Yeah i stole my lines!!!!!
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Her personality is so weird and wishy washy, IMO. First she gets mad and is all like ITS ALL UR FAULT MY BABIES ARE KIDNAPPED RAWR >:,(

And then a second later when the ML says he’ll save them she’s like

Oh thank u :3

Like girl make up ur mind lol ur either mad at him or ur not!!
Felicia Dennis
Is he really surprised that those kids are his when the boy is identical to him...he must be blind if he could not tell.
Miya: yeah right. 🙄
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he's using a scapegoat........if he uses her like that I really wanna beat him to death....... just look at that smile
I guess it’s partially a good thing that he found out so that he can use this to break off the engagement with diarrhea haired girl.
Jiyana Patel
I really like a son and i am sure that he will be a great hasband in future and also loyal to his wife. 👍👍👍
what does she means by they maybe his kids she's not sure
rose 🥀: I think she’s having doubts if he was the man that she slept with
Jaclyn Flugel: she still didnt want to be fully honest that they were his kids cause then she would have to admit she slept with him i think thats why she said maybe
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I don't know why but I'm laughing now....The kidnappers can also tell whose kids they are...and there is the Ye Jue...a genius ceo who's fully unaware about it....
😍😍😍😍😘😘PH: hahaha yeah.. so dense he is the ml grrrr
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So the girl with all these secret identities tried to have her fiance's children killed and also her "brother's" fiancee?! I wonder what he'll do when he finds out😈 I also wonder what'll happen when Ranran finds out that all the people close to her had a hand in destroying her family?
Patricia Enriquez
ughs. I just reread the whole thing.
the fact that in episode 4 ML is aware of his son then in the latest episode he be like: WTF I'M A DAD stuff.

Chan Mey Young
why he suddenly smile it's so scary
hahahaha, serves him right ye jue to have son like ningning
he feel challenged by his son
Gennalyn Apidol
actually Lu Xu didn't cheated on RanRan. That girl with the green hair ask him to meet her then ask RanRan to come. When she noticed RanRan she make sure she would misunderstand them so that's what happened. RanRan can't believe and she doesn't to listen to his explanation and also she got pregnant after that. And actually Ye Jue cooperated with that green hair girl's brother to bring down RanRan's parents company. Since they're done with their missions, That green haired girl got engaged with Ye Jue.. So actually, Lu Xu is the clean one here for the time being. So I totally want Lu Xu and RanRan to be together and their story to be untold.
Princess Anaar: thanks for info may I where have read all this
SJ Loo: thanks for this info 😍
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She needs to run away from him and leave the city again!! I don't think he has good intentions past or present or future.
Anonymous one
wtf what do you mean MAYBE XuYaRan they are his kids
LittleTreasurexJason: Um she's reacting to the situation she's suddenly being put in obviously?
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Bella Wulf
I’m so happy that he finally knows!!
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