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Laugh Out Loud

Lui Pham
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This Comic is for fun and where you share your jokes. It you have any jokes I would like you to tell me. I made this comic for everyone to have a good laugh.

MangaToon got authorization from Lui Pham to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. -
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Happy birthday love❤️
FRIEND 1 :Get up RID!!!!!
ME : What happened dude???
FRIEND 1 : We are late for the class!!!
ME : ok. I am waking friend 2. You get ready.
Hey you stupid wake up ,we have to go....
FRIEND 2 :(sleepy)yes I want to go to fairy land with u
ME : NO!!!!you go to HELL!!!!!!!!!
Hope a smile comes across your face...
a mischievous smile 😆😆😆😆😆
Happy birthday love❤️: Rohan.. the person whom I have been following for almost 5 years.... his bday 😸
Maril...... : Hi Rid.... my Love.... Whose Birthday DEAR....
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Happy birthday love❤️
I met a person in my room. My sister was with me.
me : who is that girl?????
sis : she is not beautiful....right????
me : yes.
sis : stupid it's you
me : what!!!!
guess I was looking in the mirror...
Happy birthday love❤️: don't read happy.... nothing is important there 😑😑😑
Hahahapiness: sis, I'll read back again. 😊😊. pls wait for me. thanks
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As a good high school student, I would usually be in top 3 of my class in all lectures. And that includes physics which I was especially bad at. It would take me hours to understand any topic in physics, which meant that I would suffer even worse if I missed any physics classes.

This one time in the 11th grade, I couldn’t come to the physics lecture for 1 hour because I had to go to my dentist appointment. I made it to the 2nd hour of physics. When I entered the class my friends told me that I shouldn’t have missed this class because it was very difficult to understand. For the entire duration of the lecture, my teacher taught QUANTUM PHYSICS, and my classmates were also given some quantum physics questions and answers to play along with my teacher. I of course didn’t know it was quantum physics and I burned my brain trying to compherehend what was going on in the lecture. My classmates would go up to the board and write answers to the questions my teacher asked. I didn’t understand even a sign of the answer. The look on my face was too desperate that the teacher couldn’t hold himself anymore and burst laughing. We all laughed for 10 minutes, I was relieved and honored because the entire class and my teacher took 40 minutes of lecture time to play this joke on me!
Doc-Chan: Your sentences are weird... 😅
jay: hey long joke never end up that good like ur its okay but nah
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