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Author Name: Lui Pham

This Comic is for fun and where you share your jokes. It you have any jokes I would like you to tell me. I made this comic for everyone to have a good laugh. MangaToon got authorization from Lui Pham to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

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beautiful seaweed
Me: teacher!

Teacher: yes?

Me: would you punish me for something I didn’t do?

Teacher: no of course not!

Me: I didn’t do my homework you can’t punish me!
Zerø: hahaha same here bro I still have to do maths and optional HW
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Drama toon
What do you do if someone thinks an onion is the Only food that can make them cry?

throw coconut at their face
Ally Sommers: this one is good
and if i am: lmao this made my day😂🤣🤣🤣
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A girl: am I pretty or ugly?
Me: u r both
A girl: wat do mean?
Me: u are pretty ugly.
Sarafiatul Antora 🇧🇩: Pretty thoughtful 😏😏😏😏😏
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Police : where do u live ?
Me : with my family .
Police : where does your family live ?
Me :with me
police : where do u all live ?
Me : together
police : where is your house
Me : beside my niebours house
Police : where is your niebours house ?
Me : u won't believe it
police : tell me
Me : beside to my house
Yobert(york+robert)ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿)❤: LOVE IT....i laughed quite hard at this one
I'm ANONYMOUS: hmm...this was okk...
would have been better if expressed practically!!!!!
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beautiful seaweed
There was a father that farted next to his son the son said daddy what was that the dad said “it was the southern wind “ the boy said ok, at school the teacher asked the kid where the southern wind comes from the kid answered “ the southern wind comes out of my fathers but hole “
Yobert(york+robert)ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿)❤: u got meh..........hahahahahahhaskskskksskskskskk.......cant stap laughin
I'm ANONYMOUS: good one !!!!!

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Me : Mom I Have came back from America
Mom : What u have learned there?
Me : B.A
Mom : We have sent u to America with so much money I Took aunt jewellery secretly we adjusted to Save money and u went there to Read B.A Only 2 words which are Wrong it is not B.A it is A B
Me : 😓😓😓😓

if u like it please give me likes hope u like it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
💜Nightcore💜BTS💜: yeah ruth is right u dont talk much now why?
Ruth 😝: @adeline you don't talk much in that group now
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Police knocks at the door
Me : Who is there?

Police : we are police

Me : Why are you here?

Police : for talk

Me : How many people are there?

Police : 3 people

Mr : Talk to eachother
1- Wake up
2- Got to go to the concert
3- meet my idol
4- Cry

its actually 2 3 1 4
Yobert(york+robert)ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿)❤: PAKISTANI ARMY
Yolo: Pakistan 🇵🇰
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beautiful seaweed
Today at the bank an old lady asked me to check her balance so I pushed her over
Zerø: I'm laughing the he'll out of me you got so nice jokes ya sleeves hahaha 😂😂😂
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Samantha Chang
How did the barber win the race?
He knew a short cut!
Samantha Chang: Thanks
and if i am: nice.
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Lovely rose
If a man says your ugly he's mean
If a woman called you ugly she's envious
If a little kid calls you ugly your ugly
rawadia the mightya: If you guys are wondering this me in my old account I forgot it I finally found my post from it I'm not active from there
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beautiful seaweed
What did the traffic light say to the car?

Don’t look I’m about to change

Tadum tsh
💠 Latte 💠: *joke
💠 Latte 💠: nice joje😂😂
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Lovely rose
Police:where do u live?

Boy:in my house

Police:where do your parents live?

Boy:with me

Police:where do u all live?


Police:where is your house?

Boy:next to my neighbors house

Police:where's your neighbors house ?

Boy:you won't believe it if I tell you

Police:tell me!

Boy:next to my house
Lovely rose: I saw this on funny minion quotes😂😂sense
It was funny I decided to post this☺️like
If you think it's funny
THE RARE ME: i saw this many times at Instagram 🤣😂😂😂😂
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anime geek
student:what should be the word limit of an essey?

teacher:an essey should be like an women's skirt,long enough to cover the subject and short enough to be interesting.
A child was sent to a court. The court decided to hang the child. The judge asked him for any last wish. The child said please hang yourself instead of me
Me: I'm gonna go outside and stand!

Friend: Seriously. But Why?

Me: So if anyone ask what I'm doing right now, I'll say, "Im Out-Standing"

Friend 1: *Facepalm*

Friend 2: *Laughs crazily*

Me: *does the lenny face ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°

Dexter Pingol: That's a very eggcelent joke hahahaha
Mika~mika: nice one
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Katriz Absalon
Q.1 three steps on puting an elephant in the refrigerator
ans.step 1 open the refrigerator
step 2 put the elephant into the refrigerator
step 3 close the refrigerator
Q.2 four steps on putting the giraffe into the refrigerator
ans.step 1open the refrigerator
step 2 take out the elephant
step 3 put the giraffe into the refrigerator
step 4 close the refrigerator
Q.3 its lion kings birthday and all the animal are going to the birthday party and there is one animal that can't go to the party what type of animal is that.
ans. giraffe, becuz the giraffe is in the refrigerator.
Q.4 there was a 5 year old girl that want to go on the the other side of the lake but its said that there're crocodile's in there but the 5 year old girl arrived at the other side safe and sound how did she make it.
ans.becuz all the animals are in the lion king's birthday party.......the end hope you guys love my joke thak you guys for laughing...!!!
rawadia the mightya: I've seen this in common sense tests and a lot of other people
and if i am: i heard this one before in a book
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put that one too

Today was a terrible day. My ex got hit by a bus, and I lost my job as a bus driver
Ukasaki: that's is funny 😂..
Yolo: lol 😂
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Some one said , when a short person waved at you ...
It’s called MICROwave
Lmao 😂
Katriz Absalon
teacher: use the word dandelion in a sentence .........
me: the cheetah is faster dandalion
rawadia the mightya: I don't get it?

Yolo: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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