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Lui Pham
FRIEND 1 :Get up RID!!!!!
ME : What happened dude???
FRIEND 1 : We are late for the class!!!
ME : ok. I am waking friend 2. You get ready.
Hey you stupid wake up ,we have to go....
FRIEND 2 :(sleepy)yes I want to go to fairy land with u
ME : NO!!!!you go to HELL!!!!!!!!!
Hope a smile comes across your face...
a mischievous smile 😆😆😆😆😆
I AM GIRL BUT STILL TREAT ME AS YOUR BRO😎: Okay the note I typed was about my real existence I am a girl whose name is faiza 18 yes old from uae and I am really sorry for again and again to disappoint you all please pass this msgs to my also this is the real me as I said ru I am liar and remember a liar is always a liar. A liar whenever opens mouth only lies comes out sorry for telling this all late since I am leaving this time for final I dont want to make any of you in sadness or heart breaking yeah this is shocking and yes I am worse I used shui u and sandy worries concerns love i am really are a worse i shouldn't have done in first place it was mean of me i was selfish never ever forgive me and always be happy i cheated all and made everyone filled sorry for everything even though i cant bring back the time but hope all live peacefully
well this is truth sorry maria maril happy and ric niven Dylan now this is truth no more lie and hope u will treat me as rio u used to be u all ric u also I am still ur buddy 😈. happy u must be happy u got sis🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣please pass through this msgs to everyone in this group. maril so sorry and sam I am really grate ful u are best buddy please still treat me as bro as I love this character now
🌻sunny💗🍨💗🍨: ok sis😊😊. if we both have the time, pls tell me🤗🤗
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I met a person in my room. My sister was with me.
me : who is that girl?????
sis : she is not beautiful....right????
me : yes.
sis : stupid it's you
me : what!!!!
guess I was looking in the mirror...
❤️TheSweetestMe❤️: don't read happy.... nothing is important there 😑😑😑
Hahahapiness: sis, I'll read back again. 😊😊. pls wait for me. thanks
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As a good high school student, I would usually be in top 3 of my class in all lectures. And that includes physics which I was especially bad at. It would take me hours to understand any topic in physics, which meant that I would suffer even worse if I missed any physics classes.

This one time in the 11th grade, I couldn’t come to the physics lecture for 1 hour because I had to go to my dentist appointment. I made it to the 2nd hour of physics. When I entered the class my friends told me that I shouldn’t have missed this class because it was very difficult to understand. For the entire duration of the lecture, my teacher taught QUANTUM PHYSICS, and my classmates were also given some quantum physics questions and answers to play along with my teacher. I of course didn’t know it was quantum physics and I burned my brain trying to compherehend what was going on in the lecture. My classmates would go up to the board and write answers to the questions my teacher asked. I didn’t understand even a sign of the answer. The look on my face was too desperate that the teacher couldn’t hold himself anymore and burst laughing. We all laughed for 10 minutes, I was relieved and honored because the entire class and my teacher took 40 minutes of lecture time to play this joke on me!
Doc-Chan: Your sentences are weird... 😅
jay: hey long joke never end up that good like ur its okay but nah
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I was a very good student in highschool, all my grades were quite high, above 85 out of 100. English was especially my strongest lecture, I always got the highest grade in the class.

And our English exams are always quite long, 4 questions that need about 1 page long answers.

One day, after we took our English exam, I was chatting with a classmate of mine. He decided to play a joke on me, so he started talking about an English exam question that I didn’t see. I told him he was joking and I was not buying it. Then apperated one of my English teachers and started going along with my friends joke. I started believing it was real. Then came another English lecturer and all 3 people started working in perfect syncrony to make me believe I forgot to answer 1 exam question. Our exam questions are like 25 points, so missing a question is a nightmare.

I told them my exam didn’t have that last page-
They started telling me that they cannot count that question in my exam and I was not going to get the points. I then started begging them to make me a new exam, and by now I had all my class mates around me, enjoying the joke that is being played on me. The joke continued for at least 10 minutes and they stopped after I started crying.

I laughed afterwards.
BTS Joke~
To haters who really hate them ( don't take it seriously 😂😂)

NEW version of


Twinkle Twinkle little star
I wanna hit u with a Car
Throw u out the three so high
Hope u Hurt your neck and die

( pls don't take it seriously if u didn't like it ignore it. But if u are an army comment 😉 💜💜💜)
MS XXX (Radha👸😘)
Me : Mom I Have came back from America
Mom : What u have learned there?
Me : B.A
Mom : We have sent u to America with so much money I Took aunt jewellery secretly we adjusted to Save money and u went there to Read B.A Only 2 words which are Wrong it is not B.A it is A B
Me : 😓😓😓😓

if u like it please give me likes hope u like it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
💜Nightcore💜BTS💜: yeah ruth is right u dont talk much now why?
Ruth 😝: @adeline you don't talk much in that group now
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Bts joke~~
Mum :- Stop being so Selfish
Me :- I share my bias with 10000000000000 girls and you r saying I am selfish
Mum:- This Asian boys have really taken my real daughter 😑........

Note :- this had really happened to me...😂😂
Like Armies 💜💜💜.
Comment if u had the same situation 😂😂😂
Katriz Absalon
Q.1 three steps on puting an elephant in the refrigerator
ans.step 1 open the refrigerator
step 2 put the elephant into the refrigerator
step 3 close the refrigerator
Q.2 four steps on putting the giraffe into the refrigerator
ans.step 1open the refrigerator
step 2 take out the elephant
step 3 put the giraffe into the refrigerator
step 4 close the refrigerator
Q.3 its lion kings birthday and all the animal are going to the birthday party and there is one animal that can't go to the party what type of animal is that.
ans. giraffe, becuz the giraffe is in the refrigerator.
Q.4 there was a 5 year old girl that want to go on the the other side of the lake but its said that there're crocodile's in there but the 5 year old girl arrived at the other side safe and sound how did she make it.
ans.becuz all the animals are in the lion king's birthday party.......the end hope you guys love my joke thak you guys for laughing...!!!
wolfieX_sugagustD💜: i heard this one before in a book
mango : nice😂
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Adjoa Sheburaba As
me inside when someone asks to touch my afro


outside ummmmm okay
NoneEnglish speakers were told to prepare lunch..
The one who told them, went to the office,.
Children started to cry, we need food... they replied we really don't know where your mom kept the lunch, then they made porridge for the kids
they called their bro, :Bro your wife said "Cook lunch " we have search for it everywhere but we didn't find it,
bro: Sometimes your sis in law is a crazy, idk where she put it.. wait for her to can cook the lunch tonight

idk idk idk
10 Facts

1. Your are reading this, but u know it's stupid
2. you are still reading this to enjoy... 😐
4. You didn't notice I skipped three
5. you are checking it now
6. You are smiling.
7. You are enjoying it somehow 😆😆
9. u didn't notice again, I skipped Eight 😄😄
10. U r checking it again now 😂😂😂
11. You are smiling again
12 . U didn't notice there have to be Only 10 Facts.
13. U r enjoying it 😂😂😂😂😂

💜 <--- Like Everyone, if u like it 😂😂
🔤 <---- comment if u are an army 😉
Ainne Hanä
I love you, you love me
let's go out and kill barney
with the great shot gun and
the barney to the floor
no more BAYOT dinosaur

Only legends know BAYOT😂
Ainne Hanä
*someone accidentally stepped your shoe*
stranger: oh! sorry
me: it's okay.. I even stepped a poop and I didn't even say sorry.
stranger's thought: wth... 😅

poor poop. 💩
L .B🍋
johnny, johnny.
yes, papa .
eating Cockroaches?
no , papa.
open your mouth.
and hah-
(In some places they eat cockroaches )
honey lemon
when some one say bad about bts(kpop band)
twinkle twinkle little star
I want to hit you with a car
throw you from a tree so high
hope you break your neck and die
💜Nightcore💜BTS💜: oh Sorry I had written it in My comment I'll delete it now
Fujoshi and a Otaku: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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i once liked girls i thought i was lesbian but than i met bts

like if your army💜
wolfieX_sugagustD💜: hey gurl/dude
💜Nightcore💜BTS💜: Hi Army 💜 💜 💜
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Mimi Cakes
I went to a wedding once, two Anntenas were getting married. It wasn't a great wedding, but it was on heck of a reception.

That's my joke 😜
roy : hey do ya know nobody in our house ever used glass.
sam : same here all of my family members drink water directly from the bottles.
roy : 🤦🏻‍♂️
wolfieX_sugagustD💜: ahh i get it
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What did snow white day when her photos weren't ready yet
she said :Someday my prints will come........

why does Alice ask so many question??
ANS: Because she's in Wonderland.
why can't you give Elsa a balloon?
Ans: Because she will Lst it go.

Hope you find it funny.
wolfieX_sugagustD💜: kinda
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1. The right eye said to the left eye
"Between you and me,Something smell.
2. what's computer least favourite food
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