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A girl of 23, faces Philophobia - a phobia of getting attached to people. The more she gets to know people, the more she gets attached and the more she suffers mentally.

This is Sam's journey through different phases of life .

Manga Toon got authorization from ANUKRITI SINGH to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.
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Nidhi Singh
I want to read it...plz upload more than 50 episodes with good cartoon art.. not in dis way..I mean as dis episode.
I m requesting it since I feel somewhat in dis way...philophobic. I wan to know how anyone can come out from herself/ himself.
All the best ARTIST👍
Samaira: first of all thank you for giving honest reviews and I am more than happy to know that you want to read more .. and I would really try to improve my drawing skills ☺️
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oooh that actually made me curious about what's gonna happen next , her character is somehoe unic and different from what we usually see
AB-AB: i hope so too thanks and keep up your good work please
Samaira: I hope you like the next episode too 😉
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hahaha weird.. but i want to read it.. the fact that i can actually relate to that phobia got my attention then i read the description... u used my name which got me hooked up! i shall wait for your updates!!😁
Samaira: glad that you got hooked up 😜
be supportive and stay tuned for next episodes
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