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Wow this story is a quiet different from others...
the character of the girl is unique I want to watch that what happens next.... 😊
Nidhi Singh
I want to read it...plz upload more than 50 episodes with good cartoon art.. not in dis way..I mean as dis episode.
I m requesting it since I feel somewhat in dis way...philophobic. I wan to know how anyone can come out from herself/ himself.
All the best ARTIST👍
Samaira: first of all thank you for giving honest reviews and I am more than happy to know that you want to read more .. and I would really try to improve my drawing skills ☺️
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oooh that actually made me curious about what's gonna happen next , her character is somehoe unic and different from what we usually see
AB-AB: i hope so too thanks and keep up your good work please
Samaira: I hope you like the next episode too 😉
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hahaha weird.. but i want to read it.. the fact that i can actually relate to that phobia got my attention then i read the description... u used my name which got me hooked up! i shall wait for your updates!!😁
Samaira: glad that you got hooked up 😜
be supportive and stay tuned for next episodes
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want to know more about it. please upload a little more chapters. won't ask for many but 4 or 5 would be enough to get the basic introduction to the subject.
Samaira: well the good news is the next episode is in the line ...will be updated soon
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a bit confused aboit the time line
Alva Rachelle
I'm still interested. I like how easy it is to read~
Samaira: keep on reading the series
share and subscribe as well 😊
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Maroua Miz
don't know how this one got here I feel like Netflix is everywhere
Maroua Miz: well Netflix is known for her garbage séries among some good one one but basically trash 😅 And this manhua seems like a bad one too so I was thinking maybe mangatoon is inspired by Netflix's strategie "make 10 shows no matter what's the contenant and hope that one will work"
SS: Can you Clear me 'How is Netflix connect to this'
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Ok I’m interested in this!
Samaira: like share and subscribe too 😊
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that's all??
AB-AB: thank you , and i really like your job author wish you the best
Samaira: episode 2 is updated
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Cute Princess
please improve the graphics
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