My Crush Is the President?
Romance / CEO / Completed

My Crush Is the President?

My Crush Is the President?
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My Crush Is the President? Novel Online. A  guy in a bar, a good looking yet a simple , didn't looked like he was from a rich family caught my eye .I knew i had an immediate crush on him. We ended  up drinking together and next thing i remember is waking up in a motel,with that same guy sleeping beside me........
After 3 months,I met him again,not in a bar but as a President of the company i applied to work for!.      Is this fate or punishment?

I do not own the copyright to the pictures used..All the credits goes to the rightful owner/artist/game developer..
All the Pictures are taken from Pinterest(Otome game)

The first Novel was sweet smell, but i couldn't find a good plot for it so i cancelled writing that novel.. So please read this novel instead..I added more romance and skinship here..I hope you all like it.

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Come oooonnnnnn!! All that time y’all spent together and you didn’t honest explain what happened in the past?!
Dude are you that desperate to get in her panties instead of asking her if she’s really ready to have sex with her !? .. just saying if waited for her that long for her to be yours , you can be patient enough to wait for her to be really ready to get in bed with you stupid ass , I still don’t like him and will never like him . Even if they end up together I will still never like his ass🤬🤬 , that’s the honest truth. ✌️😈😈.. it would be great if could give Kevin a 2nd chance but I’m not the author 😅.. all I can do is support the author all the way stay blessed dear ❤️❤️❤️❤️
🥔Marsh.Potato🥔: hi hi..I'm still new at writing stories but I hope you will still check it out..the title is "homeless love"
feel free to read it
little dd❤️❤️❤️: If you have time please read my new chat story (the ceo is in love with a soldier)
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Chichi you out here believing everything everyone tell you....
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