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Dear crush

PKSU_048 (wattpad)
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At Liberty academy, a girl named Kate Bailey at 6th grade is ready to experience a life of a graduating student. Suddenly, she met a boy named James Harris which became her Best friend. While days are passing, she slowly falls for him. Until the day she knew that James Harris has a crush on her friend, Julia Perez.

Kate: Hi.

James: Hello.

Kate: I gotta tell you something...

James: Something? What is it? Go ahead.

Kate: I don't know how to say this but...

James: It's fine.

Kate: Well... I have a crush on you.

What would be the answer?

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School life
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yooooooo author all the things u did in the cleaners, report cards, practice for graduation(with the shaking hands of principal and certificates), top student sits in front, going to the 3rd(with honors), and valedictorian giving the speech. u said dis all happened in 6th grade right? in my school, i started there since 1st grade to 5th, so its da same as urs. i dont rlly know when da graduation starts i think also in preschool? 1st to 5th grade we did all dat. but i think in 1st to 2nd grade we didnt have da cleaners cuz the cleaner assign things were a bit new. and our school only has preschool to 6th grade. 7th grade is already in a different in da philippines... im still rlllllyyyy confused tho.
°kookie.jeon°: idk wut dat is. im dumb ok
Love Serenity: GH Brach or other?
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Awww that’s true friendship my friends are protective of their crush making sure I don’t like them
Julia seems kinda confident or cocky but oh well...
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