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The CEO's Wife

Lipsa Nalini Naik
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Both their path crossed at the wrong time. But there meeting was not wrong. A cold blooded CEO and an arrogant daughter of the owner of a bank. What has life restored for them.

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School life
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Multi_ Fan1995
Pleeease add some episodes Author cuz this story keeps me at night its so beautiful, the main characters were so cool and the story really goes well. Is the ep.15 the last? i hope its not cuz the story really went well its such disappointing if it will not be continue but still i love your story author hope to read some of your works❤❤❤👍
Lipsa Nalini Naik: Thank you so much. It really made my day. This book is not complete here. But the full book is there on Kindle Amazon. I can post some new chapters here, don't worry and if you like my book please do leave so tips too. Thank you.
Ritika Verma : Hey do you want to try my book "for his sake"? I am a new writer here...
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Pitty that it is impossible to prints this story, very interesting and passionate indeed, try author, hope u will continue this work 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😗
Lipsa Nalini Naik: Thank you and yes of coarse I will complete it. 😊🤗
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Rena Mangulabnan Ambat
OMG! Thank you so much for this story! It’s so amazing please write more author, This is a very remarkable story, you fall in love reading it feels like your experiencing everything i love it superb ❤️
Lipsa Nalini Naik: Thank you 😊
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