Tow in One
Romance / CEO

Tow in One

KaiYuan Comic
Tow in One
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Tow in One Comics Online. He approached and trapped her with a devastating smell, raping her every night. She fought back with her words, “Do you believe I will neutralize you?” He sneered calmly, “I will sleep you even if I was neutralized. What I want is, from beginning to end, to push you down throughout my life.”

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Leslie Angelespretty
Another thing, the ML truely love the FL, I understand why the ML is like that, though what he've done is not right at all. He is also a victim. He did his best to save the FL when they were younger but in return he was slapped and did not even bother to thank him at all, also the father really did wrong on ML's family, that is why he grew up like that. The FL is the cruelist in thos story, she aborted the child just to make the ML in pain as her revenge to him.The child is innocent at all. Then not only that she also cling to the younger brother for her revenge, poor brother he is also innocent. Then the FL cling to the 2nd ML whome she truly love. The life of the ML is very tragic, he was not loved back by the girl that he loved the most, their family broke because of the FL adoptive father, his brother was used to make him feel more pain, his baby was aborted by her beloved woman, he suffer for the loss of the woman for more than a year and yet still alive, he tormented himself, and at the end he was betrayed by his friend (bestfrienimy) and mostly by his beloved woman. He almost died because of heartbreak and anger, and now he is vegetative state. I really pitty him. Though he bring this upon himself. If only he treated the FL better from the start the FL may fall inlove with him and they will not end up to this tragic ending.
Anita Sega
the FL and the ML's go through so much difficulty in the seriesandthey still don't get together, they fight but dont make up, its like the FL wants to have it her own way. its hard to forgive someone when they have done wrong, but there should be a way of FL at least giving the ML a chance to explain. Yes the ML was very cruel and ruthless, however I feel that was his way to express himself. the ML shows that to the FL through their fake relationship, which is why I feel the FL feels sad when the ML is in a vegetable state. the 2nd ML is very kind and understanding, but I feel like he coddles the FL way to much. the FL is basically really fake, no one really knows what she is like.

The story line is also all over the place, we don't know what happens to FL mom or why or who caused the father to commit suicide or what happened to her dog that was saved. they also don't talk about how the ML brother got roped into her revenge or if it was really revenge. Also the 2nd ML had a surprise for her what was it? I'm so confused about all of these!
If someone can explain this for me please do, I'm not sure what is going on!
Leslie Angelespretty
Well I am happy about the happy ending of FL and 2nd ML. This is a surprise as well because, in common story the FL and Main ML always ended up at the end. The story is good and I like it.

I just have a comment about the story though. The flow of the story from the middle is too fast and all over the place. Like it wasn't emphasize why the 2nd ML fall inlove with the FL. What happened to the FL's mother, did the dog survive or died? I think it would be best if this small details are not forget. I want the dog to survive and the FL learns that it was saved by the 2nd ML,would it be nice?
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