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He approached and trapped her with a devastating smell, raping her every night. She fought back with her words, “Do you believe I will neutralize you?” He sneered calmly, “I will sleep you even if I was neutralized. What I want is, from beginning to end, to push you down throughout my life.”

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the story was good ...a new concept !
but I just don't feel good about it ...
how can zili do that ...she destroyed the life of Ran ,his brother too....
though ran treated her badly but in the end he loved her ...he loved her very much. what happened isn't right it's heart breaking...and the way zili and the 'supporting cast' hot was strange ...and unacceptable
and what about ran ..he died!?
first I felt bad for zili but now I think she really did wrong she don't Deserve any sympathy ....

it's good that you wanted to end up zili and the supporting cast together..but it could have been done in a good way ..and acceptable one!
and the ending of the story is also not specified ..what about ran! what will happen to him...!! there are many things to be revealed...
for me the ending is good,author broke the rule who's usually used in comic that the ml and Fl should definitely end up together even if the ml is a jerk and that's why it's great.
oh come on,it's real life here. would you accept a man who treat you so bad,kill your belongings just bcz he loves you?🙄oh seriously..
it's really sad for him but it's just like that. And ppl complained also with the fact that she used his brother and so on but when he killed her family where were you?
I think it's a aware for all the rapist's ml and the jerk ml,they should not absolutely be with the FL .
lucky me i didn't waste my precious points here cz I was awarded from the beginning. Although I'm not disappointed with the ending I don't like this comic tho but who care? everything is not a fairy tales in life.
yszhnd ': exactly
Pilus: Yes, at least Ran Weiting always gives his efforts for apologizing her, but she never gives him a second chance. That's why she is the most ruthless FL that I ever know. 😑
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Bishnupriya Tudu
Not satisfied with the story there is so many things to be revealed like what about who is to be blamed for her father's death??Even though weiting hurt zili but he truly loves her. In the whole story weiting and zili were in spotlight but ended up with zili and mo that was unexpected and male lead ended up in vegetative state 🤦🏻. I really felt bad for li dan, she helped mo selflessly without caring about her own feelings towards him. I think female lead just confessed her feelings for mo because he always helped her. And after getting into relationship who sleeps around like this 👀. And yes what about mo said he will find out the truth behind zili's father's death. And who is su qingrong in the story it never got revealed what's her purpose, what's her role? This isn't that clear. Don't like the storyline.
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