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He approached and trapped her with a devastating smell, raping her every night. She fought back with her words, “Do you believe I will neutralize you?” He sneered calmly, “I will sleep you even if I was neutralized. What I want is, from beginning to end, to push you down throughout my life.”

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I can't deny the fact that the relationship between Zili and Weiting was a super toxic and abusive one, and Weiting REALLY hurt her in so many ways. Weiting was sick, his personality was sick, his love was sick. But that doesn't give Zili the right for doing what she did, I was OK with her wanting to take revenge, because she suffered a lot of bad stuff by Weiting. The problem is that she involved people who had NOTHING to do with the main problem, she wasn't better than Weiting after all the things she did. The Ending was super rushed, the author just throw us a half hearted made ending that, literally, explains NOTHING and answer NOTHING. Who killed Zili's father? Who blackmailed Weiting? What happened to Weisheng? These questions and some more didn't got an answer; and that is what brings displeasure to the lectors. The ending could have been aproppiate or satisfactory if the author answered those things, or focused in what happened to the others character, but he/she didn't. I read 104 chapters in where, the half were just overlooked at the end. Then, why did the author even bothered to do them if he or she would just act if they never happened?
For me, this story was a total waste of my time and I totally regret reading it.
love devil: I totally agree with you!!!!!!!😑😐😔😖🤐🤐
MuraYomi: I really think that Weiting loved her, but as I said, his love was sick. He loved her, that is why he wanted her all for himself. He loved her, that is why he tortured her, He loved her, that is why he hurted to the ones she cherished.
It is a insane love, but a type of love at the end of the day. Weiting loved Zili, but no in a healthy way. It could be seen as an obsession too, or as an fear of being left alone.
Anyways, Weiting was broken, and so were his emotions.
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Oh look, it’s another one of my longs ass rants! Read it if u want to waste ur time :)

There was no development whatsoever. I don’t understand. Why did he suddenly love her? Why did she suddenly love him? If they’re gonna end up together, why bother making Weiting a character? This story is very deceiving which was the one of its main flaw (I’m not saying I can make a better one, I’m just criticizing it so don’t @ me with that argument). It seemed like Weiting was the male lead and there was this whole story about them for more than 50+ chapters but then BAM! Suddenly she’s with a guy who I believed was only a side character. The guy she’s with now only shows up for about 20 chapters yet he’s the one she end up with? I just can’t ship it. Everything was too fast-paced and rushed :/

And it seemed like he was a little manipulative and just swooped in on her. I know a lot of u are probably gonna yell at me for writing that but come on! You can’t tell me that it wasn’t at least a little weird! She got away from Weiting, got together with Weisheng, broke up with Weisheng, and then got together with this guy???? It seemed like he planned the whole thing. I also can’t believe that she was so calm when he revealed that he had planned the car accident.

I’m not saying Weiting is better because he without a doubt was a dick in the beginning. I kinda just want her to end up with no one, I feel like that’d make more sense that getting together with this guy :/
AMY More like ARMY x3: Did y’all forget the everything else he did except the dog... I just don’t like that purple dude. But about the Yanhan he always loved her. For Zili I don’t know how or when she ever loved him, but hey I’m not complaining about them being together :P
Kathrine Feliciano: your comment is totally right the story is messed up.
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Sorry to say but this is one those manga that has a crappy and messed up story line. It's only a happy ending for the female MC. Needless to say, there are so many unanswered questions. What happened to her mother? Why during half through the story, the MC suddenly love her dad who is not her biological dad? and if i'm not mistaken, she hated him. I thought the story was supposed to be her loving her mother and sister, remember? And what happened to the person who framed her dad's suicide? i did not catch who was the person behind it but somewhere along the epiaodes, weiting shouted the name su qingrong after answering a call about zili's dad's death. So did this person killed him? but who is she? idek man. How did zili met weisheng after the car accident and ended up as his fiance? How about Hero, the dog that yinhan saved? Damn there's too many questions! The worst part is i kept on reading until the final episode just to find answers to all these questions but alas ended up wasting my time! Usually, whenever i come accros a manga with crappy story line, i'd left the story half way through BUT I KEPT READING IT BECAUSE OF THE COVER SHOWING WEITING AND ZILI WHICH I THOUGHT THEY WILL END UP BEING TOGETHER AND THE ME WHO WAS CURIOUS HOW THEY ENDED UP TOGETHER KEPT READING ONLY TO FIND OUT THE PICTURE COVER WAS A CLICKBAIT AND FALSE HOPE
Anonymous: yepz that right..i hope it will be weiting and zili happy ending but it didnt😭...this story suck
Kathrine Feliciano: that's what I thought to of course I keep reading it till the end and it was crappy just like you said.
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