No Way, My Best Actress Wife
Romance / Modern / Strong Female Lead

No Way, My Best Actress Wife

No Way, My Best Actress Wife
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like father like son
Chimka BP: wow killer fell in ❤ with Leaf? fantastic>2 😄😍
@ Vampire Knights ❤❤: It's a great work
Plz do check out my first novel named Beyond the boundaries..
A story Between Sia and Lin.. ❤❤
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Coco Cookiss
Oh my, can't hold my fangirling heart when I see those expression..
Nice jobs grandpa.. ☺️😊☺️
♡🐰Bubble🐰♡: thnkss😊
♡🐰Bubble🐰♡: thankss
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Khayla Trinity Ang
@ Vampire Knights ❤❤: It's a great work
Plz do check out my first novel named Beyond the boundaries..
A story Between Sia and Lin.. ❤❤
Every view and comment counts
Do tell me your reviews I'll be glad to know your reviews
Do subscribe for more updates..
♡🐰Bubble🐰♡: Hey.. umm sorry for disturbing u guys, but I'm writing 2 novels here. One is " hide and seek " in which there is romance, drama, comedy, horror, 18+ stuffs and another novel is " The beauty and the beast " in which there is fantasy, comedy, romance, drama, 18+ stuffs so if u r free I'd like to know your opinion.. so try to give a try to both of my novels and leave your opinion there so I could become much better in the future. I really need motivation and support of u guys. Thanks :)

And yeah if u r not interested then ignore my comment and don't bad mouth me. Have a good day ♡♡♡♡♡♡
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when The bastard ue hair and the female lead in a relationship the yelliw hair grandpa arrange a marriange from a stranger(which is the Male lead) but then the yellow hair reject/refuse because shes inlove with blue hair, then when female lead and blue hair guy was going to s*x the blue hair guy and purple hair actually make the female lead slept at stranger(and thats the male lead) . few months the blue hair guy ask female lead to abort the baby cause of work,not ready or etc. but the female lead didnt know that the baby was actually taken by the stranger/father which is our male lead and the kid
so yes the kid is her child and that guy suppose to be her hubby but she was blinded of love before that she didnt notice evil things of that blue hair guy and purple hair
Michelle Margallo Miguel: the ml knows her very well.
Kurique Sharesias: Oh wow okay
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starry night ❤️
wait! ... stop! just a moment read this, I'm a Filipino and we are in a lockdown now because of corona virus and and are house is near at the hospital where there was a patient with corona virus and that hospital is in lockdown and Philippines to...plss keep safe everyone and don't forget to clean your hands and put some alcohol or sanitizer and also pray for our world to prevent this virus...pray to God that this virus will end soon...and plss help each other thanks for the time to read this God bless you all 😇🙏❤️
luna Gacha: Thank you God bless🙏🏾🙂🙂🙂
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LMAO with her reaction about losing connection with K and actually, losing her money!!!! Was too funny!!!!!
lemurloki: Karma did hit back.
💓Samsunnie😎: Definitely!!!! I wish Karma hits back!
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grandfather making sure the ship is well brewed 🤣
A giant rip off of Full Marks Hidden Marriage: pick up a son and get a husband. Lived the original. Son is mute because if trauma, his real mom who had no idea her son survived helps him talk again. Big CEO is cold and aloof to everyone but FL. The FL gets back into acting and becomes a huge success. They even ripped off the hot pot scene. FL likes spicy, her son loves spicy, ML eats spicy. I stopped at that scene and was like nope. Full Marks shows ML can stomach spicy but eats it to be nice. FL gives him medicine and they have an intimate moment. The FL in Full Marks is a complete bad ass under her cuteness. Wicked marksman, master of disguise and does her own stunts. I'm so sad considering that was adapted from a webnovel with the same name and it was a fantastic read.
Honestly I love how well matched they are as a couple! She is very strong and actually puts in just as much effort into protecting her man like how the ML protects her! I’m glad she’s not sitting there acting like a pitiful white lotus like a lot of useless FLs! She has much more substance in her character which makes her one of my favorite FLs!
Hopeful Fox: Same man if ravioli likes it it’s prob good
Hopeful Fox: Omg sae
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TaeTae's Fangirl
She means he looks like Jhope when he smiles....

(Inside ARMY joke)
Hiyori Chii: omo i thought i’m only one who noticed that.
TaeTae's Fangirl: Yeah?? You too a Desimy?!😃
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WHO DARE'S TO BULLIES MY SON !!! hmm I guests she knows what's her role in the story
Kheshlie Delos Santos: hahaha
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When she was correcting her ankle the ML was also having that evil smile on his face
Bitch I can breath! wow!: 😂 thx💜
Kookie__97: I like your profile name 😂
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😋chocolate cake😋
Grandpa's face...... he's so happy when yale said he like him
Michele Shaw
So, does the ML know she’s really Yale’s mom? When he originally asked her to marry him and she refused, was that before she got engaged to creepy ex or after she lost her memory and gave birth? I’m asking because that would change SO much in my mind...
If he knows, then it’s sad that he’s not telling her the truth about Yale and it would mean he knows about the night they were together?!? 🤔
Resthy joy Go: What is the novel?
HeartfiliaDragneel(NA♡LU): u r welcome.😊
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bff yumi
wow she was her twin sister all along??? lmao they look nothin alike 😂😂😂 i thought she was a stepsister or sth, like why would u take revenge on your 100% blood related sister???? twins are a pea in the same pod and support, help each other not destroy each other over some guy...😒 heck even i get jealous over my sis sometimes but if sth were to happen to her i will pay the perpetrator 10times fold 👌👌
Yo mama Stupid head: I thought it said the they are half sister same father
bff yumi: no wonder 😂😂 it would be fkd up if they were twins like, come on u can't do your sis dirty like that
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Leyan Issam
let me guys tell you this truth that i was hiding all this time
i am actually the one who decided this because i really like the ml he is not like the other mls so i called this grandfather ans tols him to give his shares go him
you should thank me ml 😊😊😊😊
Lan Yui: Even though you’re joking the way you’re doing is sounds a little pretentious and the format is almost identical with that of purple haired b!tches which makes people feel subconsciously annoyed especially since we’re on a manga reading platform. Keep that in mind next time🙃
Lan Yui: He’s joking
you’re being too gullible
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I will disappear (-_-)
I will disappear (-_-) : Lol, I am proud of me too😂😂😂 (JKjk) who's your bias? Mine is Jungkook and Jin 💜
BTS- MY EMPERORS: I'm proud of you 💜💜💜💜💜
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This Grandpa is Super Dope
Haha they censored her first dress! In the original art, that first blue dress she tried on is completely bare down the middle between the two white strips, exposing a LOT of sideboob. It's no wonder the ML disapproved of the dress!
Michele Shaw: Ahh! Thanks for explaining! I thought he was being a lil too ridiculous at first!
Bee: No wonder they show that part even though because of censored nothing looks odd to us.
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Greysen Harris
I love this manga! In most mangas the ML forces things on the FL that she doesn't want (aka s e x) but in this he os kind to her and doesn't try to force her to do that. In most mangas the FL hates the ML but in this one she doesn't. Also, mangas hardly ever have strong FL. It's amazing! I love pure romances like this!
Suzan💜: I agree with both of you but I love this manga soooo soo much and I hope our ML be like this in next episodes also and about that long hair men he car and love our FL she deserved our ML I also thought to ship long hair men with our FL but then I thought our ML is cold but sweet and caring too and his son is soo cute and sweet too so I hope author think about that long hair men something else not our FL please please author because he deserved someone else not our FL they can be Best friend too but not more then that
Lan Yui: I agree on the most part! But I do know that many mangas try to make their fl have a strong personality but end up making her dumb, reckless(not in a good way), hatable and infuriatingly intolerable. The author and artist did a good job in translating the story to us! It’s so nice to read!
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