Like Husband, Like Son
Like Husband, Like Son
Like Husband, Like Son
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Romance / CEO / Drama / Sweet / Heartwarming / Pregrant / One-night Stand / Gentle / Modern / Bossy
Author Name: MiFenPink

This should be the happiest moment of my life. In my wedding gown, waiting for my groom...didn't even realize I lost conscious Until I woke up...after giving birth to a child? Where is my child and who is the father? Years after the fact, will I be able to find out what happened that day? MangaToon got authorization from MiFenPink to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon.

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Updated to Chapter 171    /    (46908)
 Updated to Chapter 171 
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Miss MG
does she mind having a younger bf? kid? are u trying to have a relationship to her?😅
Isha: Hahaha
Deepshikha Sakpal: wanna be the boyfriend of you mom, huh?
total 78 replies
Like Father Like Son....
Btw how can anyone sleep in suit, button-up shirt and a TIE......LIKE HOWWW
syler: I think that I'm the only who's thinking this
total 47 replies
Brandine Casting
a cat will eat me (Mahi) (GLC): you wanna cut his dick but I wanna cut his whole body upp
broxxyz os: chop chop
total 45 replies
Psymia -chan
well you should get her something to wear first
Pelican Pal: hat kind of perverted thoughts are you having-
かげ-Kageツ: Non of us want her to put on clothes... Don't deny it...
total 14 replies
They are soooooo dead
Great Pumpkin: I saw that and it was good
♡•°•°cutie pie°•°•♡: please read my chat story too :- you belong to me only
captivated by the billionaire
thanks a lot and sorry if I disturbed you 🥰
total 5 replies
Viviana J. Willamson
Really? She named that scumbag 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️
Her husband is horny, but he is pretty nice to her 🤨🤨
Kozu_Kamado: I forgot who wayne is- who is he again?
dechi: Jeez u r sOoooOo judgy she prob has ptsd bc of the scumbag over the u need to calm down 🤬🖕🏻🖕🏻
total 18 replies
Miss Marple
I think Annie is Sofia 's daughter. Maybe 5 years ago Marco Jian and Sofia Tang had twins , one being Romeo Jian ( Ro Ro) and another being Annie. Maybe Sofia 's best friend Chole stole Annie from Sofia and that's why Marco Jian could only know about Ro Ro.
LongChuHan: Believe me, due to a learning disability I have difficulty conveying thoughts quite often so many people misunderstand me. It's neither of our faults that you misunderstood me, though! So no apologies needed for that! 😄 And you're welcome!
Miss Marple : 🤗Thank you. And I'm really sorry for misunderstanding you. 😖
total 66 replies
kid give it up you're no match for your dad, they do things only adults can do
Kozu_Kamado: Yes. I think so too
иєиє ѕακυяα∂α[ɓɠ]{GLC}: this left me like:👁👄👁
total 21 replies
Wiji 🖤
finaaalllyyy the case will open and we will see what happened exactly five years ago also im still believing that RoRo is her son especially now when his Friend mentionned that she given birth to a boy also the incident when her ex fiance told her she cheated on him and slept with another person while she cant recall that must be Marco also marco's incident when he got the almeegy bcs of his stepmother, that night must Sophia, what i hought bfr may be true cuz i Saw that some thought that RoRo isnt her son anymore when they read too what Butler told sophia and not to forget about the little girl who was with her friend
Denise Sanders: give me more this book it's so interesting is that guy just hit that one guy he said not to fire right out of him I just know it was so good I was sitting it out there read me up get more this interested in books thank you
Divvy: nice drama
total 133 replies
Lost child
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Look at that two shhhhh each other.. Hahahaha 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
Jagelys Carrion Paulino: I think that to
Lazy Aquarius: she IS
total 3 replies
Marzana Adeeba😆😆
Great Pumpkin: Half they stuff we learn we are never gonna use
Marzana Adeeba😆😆: I didn't knew it was from a tik tok, I just saw it in a meme
total 89 replies
"That scratches on his face are made by me" hhhh lol XD XD, so can you imagine the scene of them all fighting😹😹
Moon: if my friend did that kind of thing
I will be like : That's mah friend and I'm proud to be his/her friend
Yui Komori: 💓💓💓💓💓
total 10 replies
The Queen
KFC Burgers and fries without getting fat. I just wish
ahana kishore kurapati: Same😄😂😂😂😂😂
Anime girl: but they are tasty 😋
total 29 replies
gurl I will knock him out and put him in a sharp machine and then he dies and happily ever after, how about that?
Destini Cruz: girl y stay with him use ur brain knock him out or make him childless don't just let him hit u 😤 if that was me I find something to hurt him with then run for my life change my hair and everything
Sunil Kumar George: He has got to understand how nervous it is to decide that your going to spend your time with someone for the rest of your life to know that he is the right person
total 63 replies
'We slept together' OH MY GODDDD
this father and son are so funnn
Eva Belleh: Can you please stop saying GOD name in vain?!! Please have respect for HIM!! Thanks
Yezha Latumbo: And they have likes on the women
total 5 replies
and this is when miss. Tang knew.. she messed up.
SpaceXgirl: uh oh stinky
Prarthana Gowda: Oh, u used that meme voice" that's when he knew..... he f'ed up" right?? nicely done
total 5 replies
Ban Ban
God! What is this girl thinking he’s willing to sacrifice herself for that scumbag! She didn’t even fight?! Gosh girl your the dumbest and stupiest female lead I’ve ever encountered her on MangaToon... your making yourself dirty for that scumbag you didn’t even respect yourself!!! Gosh!!! I’m so disappointed of her character!!! I hope it not wasting my time for reading this!!!
itz yui and mei: Guys don't be so stuck up at least she's not as soft as yui
itz yui and mei: Guys don't be so stuck up at least she's not as soft as yui
total 18 replies
the battle between son n father, the reward is mummy !
Yui Komori: it's totally a different one you'll get it in my profile
Courtney Fegan: is it like the show?☺
total 3 replies
Jasmin Evergarden
The dad's chibi figure looks identical to his son's actual form lmao
ishi: yess I got confused
かげ-Kageツ: Looooooooooool
total 5 replies
Jay Jay
FL: wow I just had a rly crappy night
FL step-sister: oMg YoU gOt TaKeN aDvAnTaGe Of
FL: 0-0
FL fiancée: who is the man you were sleeping with behind my back!!???
FL: b o i
ML: she was with m e
Izumi Chan~: Ikr I am like boi tf😃
Idk ? too?: I don't get it but interesting
total 18 replies
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