Like Husband, Like Son
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Like Husband, Like Son

Like Husband, Like Son
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Wiji 🖤
finaaalllyyy the case will open and we will see what happened exactly five years ago also im still believing that RoRo is her son especially now when his Friend mentionned that she given birth to a boy also the incident when her ex fiance told her she cheated on him and slept with another person while she cant recall that must be Marco also marco's incident when he got the almeegy bcs of his stepmother, that night must Sophia, what i hought bfr may be true cuz i Saw that some thought that RoRo isnt her son anymore when they read too what Butler told sophia and not to forget about the little girl who was with her friend
•||UnKnOwN||•: Thx Wiji.... Just go to my profile and go to works... You'll see it
Wiji 🖤: ofc why not, just give me the name and i'd tell u my opinion when i read it 😊
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The kid may be a hand full but he is smart and loyal and if he happens to be keenly alive to the precarious nature of his situation should daddy bring another woman into their lives, who can blame him? The cases of children marginalized, harmed or even killed by the mistresses or new wives of their dads are legion. Sometimes a stepmom is loving and kind. Sometimes she isn't. Sometimes a mistress, girlfriend or female who wants to be one goes out of their way to be nice to the kid as a way of getting close to the dad, but changes radically once their position solidifies. The kid's interests are best served by making his mom's position stronger.
Miss Marple
I think Annie is Sofia 's daughter. Maybe 5 years ago Marco Jian and Sofia Tang had twins , one being Romeo Jian ( Ro Ro) and another being Annie. Maybe Sofia 's best friend Chole stole Annie from Sofia and that's why Marco Jian could only know about Ro Ro.
Jaziel Sanchez: Yeah besides hector who is chloe's wife is a gay.
Karma: But Annie's eyes are different and they said Chloe married into the tang family. Probably that's why the have the same hair color.
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I want an advice please
today I talked with a new girl she seemed to want to talk with me and then she asked me about something I don't have and I said I have it but I lied and then I continued to lie
and I regret not telling the truth she wouldn't mind anyway but I feel like I made a big lie
and I regret it and I don't know how to tell the truth I was sad that day because of something and at the same time I wanted to be her friend but I lied how can I fix my mistake now and I'm sure she will hate me because I lied in the first place
I hate myself and my personality
how come I'm a good girl like people say when I hate myself
I don't ask an advice how to fix my mistake but I ask you please an advice about I can be a better person
Manga crown princess: Be honest about your feelings, apologize and maybe tell her the reason you lied they are indeed people out there who may have lied to someone because they really want m to make friends with them tbh I did the same thing, I lied to one of my best friend, I regretted it a lot because I thought she may have a bad impression on me, she may hate me or maybe even despise me
It also occurred to me that since I lied to her I might do it again and again which when she finds out the truth she may even hate me more.
I knew that maybe if I told her the truth, she would be angry, but it's better she is angry because of that one lie,
Than a lot of lies that may hurt our friendship and her feelings more!!
I gathered up the courage and I told her the truth the next day, she was angry as I expected but, she was understanding and forgiving!!
What I'm trying to say is that, they are some people such as myself and you or maybe someone who is reading this comment, that may have lied to someone, and has given them a badass guilty feeling,
A felling that sticked to them for the for along time and is really afraid that the person may hate them,
But if you had the chance to make it right by simply telling them the truth even if you lied a lot, they will understand you, yes they are some people out there who are not forgiving and may pick on you, but life comes with a lot of surprises, they will and surely will understand in the future!!
My advise is just be honest!!
Sorry for the long comment!!
.。*♡C_SR。*♡❌사랑❌ : t xách dép về VN đây, pp nc Anh
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bff yumi
"you asked for it" isn't really an excuse to have s*x with someone who is sleeping, that is R*PE!! SHE IS LITERALLY SLEEPING BRUHH HOW WOULD THAT BE SB ASKING FOR IT?? just bcz u are legally married w/ her doesn't mean u can violate her in her sleep.. and the FL is just accepting it just cuz he's handsome?? girl get yo shit together
rose harris: Anyone want a waffle (•.0)>🧇
Favour Banwo: Thank you finally someone who understands
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Ship ship ship!! *///*
hey hey you guys don't be mad on ml, after all this is a ceremony so of course he forbidden his wife to come there, after all there so many "beasts" look now that's what happen when fl come there...she's the one who gonna got hurt so please don't mistook his good intention.... you know what when I read he said he didn't take fl, I feel so happy but now fl come bcz young master jian take fl to go to ceremony with him... although he's a bit similar with his father, but after all his still young and don't know that in a ceremony have so many "beasts"...
Wiji 🖤
though in this chapter it looked as RoRo is not her son but i still its her son cuz i Can recall when he said that he had one night stand with a woman which reminded him of her since he has some issues of getting close to women, amybe he went to the wrong room and it was her who was there that night and not that woman.. maybe that woman faked her pregnancy and collided with someone to do that, also iwas her who was pregnant at that Time.. cuz the flashback of Marco of that night not same as the Butler, maybe the start is same but what happened after being drugged might not be the same.. UGH wheeen we're going to know what happened bfr 5 yrs ago
Black heart : possible theory
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What if Sofia tang had twins one went to her friend Chloe and the other went to Marco Jian, the woman who the butler said to be the young master's mother that died was actually Sofia tang. They probably Or were informed that she died of giving birth or other reasons. Then she wake up and forgot everything due to a type of surgery? But before all this happened maybe sofia tang's sister tried to kidnap her and give her some kind of pills and make her sleep with a man and that man was Marco Jian. The reason that her sister kidnaped her and put her to another man's bed is maybe so she could marry Sofia tangs ex bf since obviously she likes him.
Alpha Squad: I agree jianna
Jianna Cazeiah R. Almonia: Its like ‘Bossy President’ But it’s HER ACTUAL kids
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I am almost positive that Roro is their child though! 😩 when are they gonna find out the truth honestly!? And I wonder what happened during her memory loss, so many questions left unanswered 🤔
Meliodas : because it is her child
Meliodas : because it is her child
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Fûcking HELL how do you forgive someone that tried to murder you? 💩 Why do the female leads always have to be the forgiving innocent flower, meanwhile the ML can be abusive as fûck in some stories? 🤔FL doesn’t have to be a perfect little virgin saint all the time, women are not saints nor perfect just like men. Oh well, at least the ML did us all a favor and took the trash out for her 💩
savage16: Love the name
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«Livin My Bes† Life»
She is so restarted. It was 2 in the mother f*cking morning. Why the heck is she even awake at that time? And she said she saw Sophia being sent out to sea. We all know it was her, but even if it wasn't, why wouldn't she think to inform someone about this VERY important LIFE THREATENING event? It's obviously sketchy and suspicious. Also, I feel like I should point this out. AREN'T THERE SECURITY CAMERAS ANYWHERE? IF SO, WHY HAS NOBODY THOUGHT TO CHECK THEM!?!?!
Psymia -chan
well you should get her something to wear first
Sparky ✨ : Lol 69 likes
Kenzie LaRue: I’m waiting for that too!
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Marzana BTS Army forever
Marzana BTS Army forever: Thank you 😊
Nut Ella: ur so smart
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Ok, I like blondie's eyes. I like green eyes a lot, but ... THE HECK? I thought, he realised, what happened and decided to help her. Instead, he took down these guys and carried her into the room they wanted to take her to himself? That's not helping! Actually he can't even ask her to thank him, because he did not really help her. Maybe he helped her rescue group to subdue them, but he didn't help her at all!
Girl don’t help her!!! 😩 she’s probably gonna scheme against you again 😑 and I don’t really care if Wayne truly loved her or not. He decided to cheat on her with her sister and was so abusive not to mention tried to pimp her out and make her sleep with someone else. He can regret all he wants he’s not even worthy to be considered a second lead anyway
Le weirdo: Yeah and also the male lead is kinda good guy
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Wana Gerome
Honestly I hate how he react to her being AFRAID of sleeping with him, he act like she can't say no. Your wife/anyone can say no, like if you need to go take a cokd shower. She has been abused physically and mentally for years!! It's called TRAUMA!!!! And I'm glad that he ex can't hurt her now.
Lissa Freeman: Rly!? Tnx. Di bula sakti hun na? And the di किसके bare mein ने baat ki Hai Woh weco pe hai
NJSimi: hey you don't need to say sorry. BTW....di? your sis? ( well hindi me bat kare?)
Actually its been long that I talked in hindi to someone😊
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luv rose💖🌹🌹
this is what I don't get, Roro is probably there child,evidence:
she lost memory 5 years ago
Roro is about 5
most importantly she had a baby BOY 5 years ago
so while she lost her memory, what about Marco? cause he should know the mother if he has Roro or atleast remember her a little bit
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Ban Ban
God! What is this girl thinking he’s willing to sacrifice herself for that scumbag! She didn’t even fight?! Gosh girl your the dumbest and stupiest female lead I’ve ever encountered her on MangaToon... your making yourself dirty for that scumbag you didn’t even respect yourself!!! Gosh!!! I’m so disappointed of her character!!! I hope it not wasting my time for reading this!!!
Lilly Fong: i didnt mean to like ur comment cuz she was also getting dizzy too
💥Kacchxn💥: Bruh, don’t be mad cuz it’s just a comic. Its not even real
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Brandine Casting
AshlynBells: Cut while he’s asleep and then leave so the police will never know...
Nut Ella: I wonder is she was discussed bye seeing that part
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These two could feature on an episode of The World's Dumbest Criminals.
TERROR RICK: I agree with you. But I think they would actually be the winner of it. Like who actually tells the truth to their boss.
Akossi Paulie Nayo: I agree with you 😁😁
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