My Second Chance At You
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My Second Chance At You

Brown-Paymon JoyBrown Joybird10
My Second Chance At You
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
In APP, enjoy better reading experience
Exsan Dalupang
Ajmada Banu
her father is like younger than her
Fairdalyne Sohlang
Chibi 😘😘😘
F*cking hot!
i know wjat app this is!! i have it installed in ny cellphone because i love cute stuff and i happen to see this!
Wania Haider: what app is it??
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To the creator
This is the Cutest manga actually one of the most cutest mangas I have ever found
Ishani Vaidya
things are straight forward but these characters are beautiful, chubby... so cute.
Ah its like the game i heve and she is the same character in the game .
JeonKaye. JK
woah..... i never thought there would be something like this....... sorry but you should do more better....
• | | U n K n O w N | | •: Yup! We can't judge them, everybody has different opinions and thoughts as we are all different and besides, he/she just said what she/he think about this manhua
Aully: well, everyone has their own opinions, right?
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oh my little chibi
yuzu hiragi
i have this kind of app but its pretty cute thou
🧡💛💚💙otaku💜🖤♥️: yep and the name of the app is cute girl avatar
Moraya 🦄🦄🦄: can you send me the link of that app.... please....
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its cute just like me hahahah😋😋😋
nun yojeyong
why do I feel angry when read this manga?
wolfQueen21st: Why do I feel angry when I read your comment😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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joshua chocowen
So boring
Amy Willis
🌺Śçärłēt Ìvÿ Røśê🌺(Angel Sect Eldest Elder)
Why are they so straight forward? Aren’t they shy or embarrassed?
wolfQueen21st: Why aren’t you embarrassed of not writing something nice😡😡😡😡😡😡
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I don't want to hurt the author's feelings but it looks like it's from a dress up app I am sorry author
Kawaii : It is!! I've played this game for so long time ago. But I don't know which app is it?
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Allyson Lim
it's the same pose and posture, it's like they don't even care about changing their pose or posture, this makes me think that they are not even putting effort for us ,readers, to enjoy reading it. well... at least they changed the expressions but like dropping it since is quite bad, so bye and not gonna read more since I'm utterly disappointed. no offence to those that like it
Allyson Lim: I all serious about the improvement and I'm not being rude to the author (to who think it is) cuz I did state the reasons and how she should improve it, I'm not just saying and not yelling how to improve like certain people where they tell you that you should improve but not how
Allyson Lim: no joking over here
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same pose everywhere
Judel Mae Lambino
chibi figure
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