She Is My Wife❤️
Romance / CEO / Mystery / Completed

She Is My Wife❤️

She Is My Wife❤️
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In APP, enjoy better reading experience
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She Is My Wife❤️ Novel Online. hello friend 👋
i hope you all gonna Love this story
like and support please
on the wedding night
"I Don't like you! you will regret marrying me"
hazel was stunned to hear that😲
let's see what happens next?❤️
will love make everything right or they'll separate their ways 💔

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Ishika Rawat
Wow.... Ml are u dumb, stupid no when she ask for money for shopping so, u just give her credit card and after that she just returned at that time u didn't say selfish now when u have another girl to fool around how selfish woah u know what u deserve it
🍒🍒Cherry Milk🍒🍒: Greetings...

Hello, I'm Cherry..
Nice to meet you,

Can you please try my chat story

🔞My sexy playboy friend 🔞

A Arrogant fashion designer's friend is a playboy and even played with her. one day her Mum came and Fixed her an engagement. Will she fall for her friend or She will accept the engagement and live happily

To know

please read and like every Episode

Thank you for your precious time
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I think you should agree to the one you like..
and u can politely say no to the other person...
I believe that you can only be happy when you are with the one you like.
All the best👍
sugabae💕💦: yes yes
Bloom♡: yes i understand your nervousness , but in a matter like this , I think the best way to avoid the conflicts is to clarify everything ASAP.
If you are sure about whom you like then have courage and tell him. And as for the other guy, let him know your answer and explain things to him. He will feel bad but eventually he will understand and move on.😊
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You should choose the one that you love and try and turn down the brother in the nicest way possible and don’t hurt his feelings and try to maintain a good friendly relationship with the brother.
sugabae💕💦: yess...your right
total 1 replies
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