One-Night Evil
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One-Night Evil

Zuoan Comic
One-Night Evil
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I have a sinking feeling that as soon as the father found out that they were getting married, he faked his death. Then in order for the son not to get the company shares they fake the butler's death. and bc that didn't work (unless how could Wen be out of jail if he did it), they set up to kidnap Jifey (sp?). I think the whole rouse here is revenge to get the company back from Jifey.
Chicameymey he must be really good in bed cause he has apparently ****ed the FL senseless if she is seriously falling in love with him now. "He hits me cause he loves me"

just cause he is the father of your child, doesn't mean that you HAVE to be with him and take the poor treatment. Man, I wish this relationship wasn't so much like some real life relationships out there.
i am very confused now. after reading some of the episodes i can not guess who's the male lead. who the male lead by the way? 😃😃. if i am not mistaken it is the man whose her son's father?
I’m confused, I still can’t figure out what’s going on since she first started being an actress. After that things got jumbled up for me 😕 if someone could explain what’s happening and how it got to here I’d really appreciate it.
how do jiangchen leave the prison? when? i am understanding this but how, dear author ur story was amazing but something is missing with the plot.
I'm confuse with the characters they all look the same even thei names are quite similar to each other HAHAHAHAHA
little wild kitty
lmao her hair changed to pink,orange and violet 😂😂 HAHAHAHHAHA MAYBE THE ARTIST DREW A DIFFERENT LIGHTINGS HAHHAHHAHA
magix lover
Thank you Author for such a lovely story It was such a good happy ending. At first the art was not that good but then it became better and better The storyline was amazing I feel happy for them and I wish Zimo could also find the one he loves I really love the story Author please do a season 2
wow... doctor checked results with male....and female become's really a comic
I really try to understand everything until this episode but i really don't get it'' so disappointed 😢
Lei Ditablan Mendiola
those male characters are so confusing...I cant differentiate which is Goodness....
Dead Boy
ah it's the xconfused qbout everything but still continuing to read for me
Lei Ditablan Mendiola
keep on scrolling.....hahahhaa....until the very end..just to support the author.
dipika soni
her hair color always changes first pink then purple then red
wait I thought avar was a boy...well he looks like a boy don't blame me...
Antonia Nemes: I thought the same, this is one of the most confusing things i have ever read. My brain literally hurts
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says she's akward with touch people's hand, but touches the guys hand like....THATS WORST THAN A WOMEN
Wan's look changes every episode interesting she keeps being more beautiful
May Yara
the child just keeps getting older. lol... how does the writer not think?
whose the ml? I'm confuse me to understand this story 🙏 😪
Ariam: Same?
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Lei Ditablan Mendiola
what a mess.......I gotta unsubscribed and left this...its sucks...
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