One-Night Evil
Romance / CEO / Urban romance / Completed

One-Night Evil

Zuoan Comic
One-Night Evil
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Summer Firefliees
pink hair changed into purple 🤣🤣🤣
Taniya Saha: yes 😂 lol 😆
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💖 Jennie unnie 💖
Anonymous: Mine Tooooo
total 1 replies
Dude...I am leaving this manga...It's such a waste of time...The hairs keep changing... the story is confusing as hell...the ml is also kinda gay...this is literally terrible
Just an ordinary person: I want to leave to, but what if i will miss something good
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Yeah I’m dropping this stupid comic!! It doesn’t make any sense. He slapped her then try to strangle her and now there having sex?! And the translation is awful. Not wasting my time with this trash!!😡
Brianna Williams-Taper: shit you are not the only one
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^°Blàçy Gīrl°^😎
her devil sister is waving😅
Hinata Boke!!: I thought its her “step” sister??
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Jae Hyuna
who is the ml ? where is the ml ?
who am i.? where am I ? 🥴
💜 Jugyeong 💜: I think it's the guy with red hair
mr. shu
I think.....
Noryasmin Gandamra: Same🙃
total 2 replies
If you are reading this comment your parents will die within 5 years. To undo this curse you need to copy this and paste it on 5 other manga. i'm so, so sorry,please forgive me

💜 Jugyeong 💜
I think that this is a magic comic
because some times the eye colour changes.. sometimes clothes...and something hair...
I think the painter is just obsessed
I understand u painter don't be sad I am with u don't feel sad I know this messy world (just for exaggeration I am a 13 yr old kid😅)
Jimin's One and Only Wife: I'm 12 and here I am reading this and I don't understand a single thing. The hair change, the eyes, lots of thing change and it's making my head hurt🤦🏻‍♀️I'm so confused.
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Mirajane Strauss
Isn't she gonna bring the baby to see his father she's not even thinking about the father and the baby future

* not that she's not thinking about the baby future but I meant that the baby future with out a dad*
Nehir Ünal
Owww I really feel bad for this girl
✨I'm a Cdrama fan✨
They mentioned mango tv 😂 the mango tv where u can watch dramas
Bruh what’s wrong with her hair?
Mirajane Strauss: First it was purple now reddish pink
B K: Crazy 😂
total 3 replies
I think she just keep going to the hair saloon for changing color, must be like this
Crystal 💎✨
the kid has eyes now😂😂
Just an ordinary person
For a while i thought that they were faking that they were gay and now the assistant of ml (friend,partner) said that he betrayed him by spending the night with her

Wtf- im f*cking confuse
Her dress was first purple then brown and now YELLOW ?!
Brianna Williams-Taper
bro do you have color changing hair I'm afraid through these chapters I'm gonna mistaken her for somebody else
Mr. innocent
Why does the child look like that...
Like this...
red pink brown hair? who cares?? dont tell me that if your friend get a make over you dont know them anymore.
I had made it clear for all of you😁If it's wrong then comment 😊

There are 4 male characters...

One is her half brother whom FL is planning to marry
One is her director who love our FL and also helps our FL taking care of her child
One is the assistant or we can say fake couple of ML
Last one is ML , father of the child
Saiko Oikawa: well is it confusing?
I💜BTS^•^: I had forgot one more male character 😅

Mr.Wen who is the vice president and also the brother of ML
total 2 replies
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