Love Trap
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Love Trap

Love Trap
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Love Trap Novel Online. At the age of seventeen she was put in a long coma of 5 months and finally she woke up at the age of now 18. In that last year of her life just after miraculously waking up from her coma she was schemed and framed against by her step sister. In that year she lost her grandfather,mother, step father and the love and trust she had in her father,step sister,step mother and fiancé.Finally she lost her life. She decides forgiveness since she considered herself the fool.She left for abroad and 3 years later she comes back to rule the business world.

After meeting her for the first time he was completely ignored.The king in the business world ruthless and merciless,the number one Bachelor Damon Collins completely ignored by a woman. She is interesting and he is INTERESTED.Her mysterious aura completely caught his heart off guard.

*picture is not mine but it resembles my fl

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If you guys think after this flash back the matter of Kira’s death is over your WRONG EXTREMELY WRONg their is a mystery behind it and in the future we will see how our go solves it so tell me what you think REALLY happened back than and who SENT THE KIDNAPPERS

Alright that is all I can give you the rest is up to you look for clues and enjoy the story -Your dearest author 😉😉🙃🙃
manaf saliza
wow!!! you're really brave dear author.when i was younger,I like to write but just keep it to myself.not brave enough to publish it & face criticise.with the time goes i just love to read,not writing them.
keep up the good work dear author.produce more good stories
manaf saliza
yeah..i like the fl..
it's totally different way of her.from ceo to secretary..and that telling the ceo boss.the usual if you want to investigate you will be hiding your identity from the entire company especially the boss
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