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Bossy Man, I'm Not Afraid of You!!!

it's doesn't always have to be a man🤯☮️💕

new chapter comming real soon😜
lovely me😘😘😘
ohhhh no I'm dying to know what happened next. ..
phoenyx_1999: I know right
lovely me😘😘😘: thank you author....😘
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i hope it would be that man whose suit is dirtied by the girl
phoenyx_1999: maybe 🤔🤔
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French fries vs Mary the painting
Ugh, what is Claire's problem
Farida Mojib Mojumder
When will be the next updateeee
Farida Mojib Mojumder: Aye aye captain
phoenyx_1999: hopefully sunday
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lovely me😘😘😘: ohhhh no who's ganna save her???someone please....
phoenyx_1999: yup coming soon
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Why Am I Like This?
He is so nice ^ ^ I should get myself a boyfriend like that XD
phoenyx_1999: Yass who doesn't love a reliable man👏✔
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Ruhi Amin
Any updates?
phoenyx_1999: coming soon
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it's your typical and atypical comic turned into a novel
guys it's so good that you'll wish it was a comic, just so u can see it in picture
Hello, I'm know that I'm the author of the book and I know that it's far from perfection but, I just wanted to let you know that even though I am releasing very short chapters, I am doing my best to provide you all with well-planned, proof-read, and edited chapters. To make up for the short amount, I will work hard to provide new chapters fairly often, until I can provide you with new, improved, fully-length ones.
phoenyx_1999: Your welcome, and thank you for reading. Also, I would have made this into a comic, but for personal struggles in my life, I turned it into a novel. I hope my words still reach your hearts. Who knows, maybe there will be a comic in the future.
Mise: u should totally make this into a comic
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