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Royal Servant

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"I love you master." Born a servant, falls in love with a master who loathes servants. Exquisite BL romance fantasy between master and servant.

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Boys’ Love
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Tanya Sinigami
wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow! I can't believe I'm seeing this awesome manhwa here!!!!! f*ck I'm feeling like crying my eyes out!! I just love this manhwa so much!! Thank you so much! Anyone whoever is reading this for the first time, I just want to say that its an awesome manhwa!
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Ru...💠: manga.🍞.com
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Orochimaru Yashagoro
I was reaching episode 11 and suddenly it's disappeared. I don't know what happened but does it connected to all of those " Hot scene " ? .im 23 and I'm normal. please explain before doing anything. we reader is confused. or does it supposed to be locked?
Lovers girl : You should go to mangago,
yaoi fan: you can read the same comic compleat on Romance manga,It free there
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royal servant is one of the best manga ive ever read, the plot is honestly really interesting and i cried when i read it back a few months ago. i definitely recommend it to whoever is unsure about giving it a go
MC: Where did you read it?
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