Falling for the Playboy
Romance / Completed

Falling for the Playboy

Haylie Bee
Falling for the Playboy
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Falling for the Playboy Novel Online. It was our wedding night. But unlike most newly wedded brides, I was not looking forward to this night...

Today, I was forced to marry a guy I absolutely abhorred. He represented everything I hated—a player, a womanizer, a layabout, a wastrel and probably a cheater—pretty much a good-for-nothing kind of man...

The sound of the door handle turning brought me out of my thoughts. I moved away from the window and turned to see the invader knowing full well who it was—Artemis Jame—my husband.

"So you've been hiding in here." His voice was playful and seductive. He flipped on the light switch and smirked as he walked confidently toward me...

My brows furrowed as I slowly opened my eyes. He laughed at my disappointed look. With his arms still around my waist and mine now on his chest, he said smugly. "If I can't make you fall in love with me after one month, I'll give you a divorce without penalizing you for breaking the contract."

And the GAME began...

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Sasori's heart
I was on call yesterday and after 36 hours of work, surgery and no sleep I came home and found this story. It's so addictive. I can't stop reading. My head is spinning and my eyes can't focus on the words so I read slowly and reapeat every paragraph until I memorise it, but I still can't stop reading. Thanks author for writing this awesome story. ♥️💕♥️💕♥️💕
Haylie Bee: Oh my goodness ❤️😍😍😍one of my favorite comments 😍😘☺️I love getting comments about binge reading and how the book couldn’t be put down. It brings me so much joy that you enjoyed the book that much ❤️😍😘😘😘😘😘and you are ONE AMAZING human being!!!! How did you work 36 hours and still manage to read? I’m sorry, I hope you got some sleep 😢I would have crawled into bed and out like a light. You’re very welcome and thank you so much for reading 😘😘😘
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Diabolik Lover Yui
Hey new reader here btw your story wàs unique and one of a kind i love it and was super great
Plss... make more chapters I cannot wait and please can they have a family ? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Linda Yuni Anita: author ... you did agreat story , i love it
Haylie Bee: Thank you so much❤️😘but this story is completed and they do have a family :) are you not able to read to whole thing?
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Oh my God!!!! I started reading this story earlier today and I just finished it in a few hours!!!! Every sentence was mind blowing, kept my attention, and the pictures it created in my head was amazing! I felt like I was really there with Grace going through all of the motions!! Even though I would literally yell at my phone with how Artemis was treating Grace and how he would hurt her haha. But I would have commented on every single chapter but your story kept me wanting more and needing to know more! Also when is you update for this? It can’t be the end I’m to on edge for it to finish like that haha. Amazing work and I look forward to reading your other stories. But as far as your dilemma goes with what story to work on The Bodyguard has caught my interest so I believe I will read that next! Again amazing work and look forward to reading more!
❤Tabby❤: You are very welcome! Now I just got done reading both The Bodyguard and Love Never Fails 😳 OH MY GOD! Both of these novels kept my full undivided attention from beginning to end! I see where you are having your dilemma and it’s very hard to choose but if you must then The Bodyguard is the way to go! I am in love with all of your novels and I wish you nothing but success!!!! I look forward to the update for the bodyguard!
Haylie Bee: Awww thank you so much dear ❤️😍😘I’m so glad you enjoyed it that much😘😘😘yes please check out The Bodyguard
total 2 replies
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