Falling for the Playboy
Romance / Completed

Falling for the Playboy

Haylie Bee
Falling for the Playboy
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Falling for the Playboy Novel Online. It was our wedding night. But unlike most newly wedded brides, I was not looking forward to this night...

Today, I was forced to marry a guy I absolutely abhorred. He represented everything I hated—a player, a womanizer, a layabout, a wastrel and probably a cheater—pretty much a good-for-nothing kind of man...

The sound of the door handle turning brought me out of my thoughts. I moved away from the window and turned to see the invader knowing full well who it was—Artemis Jame—my husband.

"So you've been hiding in here." His voice was playful and seductive. He flipped on the light switch and smirked as he walked confidently toward me...

My brows furrowed as I slowly opened my eyes. He laughed at my disappointed look. With his arms still around my waist and mine now on his chest, he said smugly. "If I can't make you fall in love with me after one month, I'll give you a divorce without penalizing you for breaking the contract."

And the GAME began...

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Hottest Comments
Aileen Swallow
I can see what Artemis’ father meant. He can’t have revenge and love in his heart. It doesn’t work that way. Trust fine, but why the 🤬🤬🤬🤬 would you not explain things to her!?! There’s no amount of crap that he’s pulling would i let fly if I were in her shoes. If I were her too I wouldn’t keep going to get myself hurt either.
Aileen Swallow
Nice work Author!! I can feel Grace’s emotions!! This story is amazing!!

Nate, I’m glad you’re trying to be nice, but you do realize your actions speak louder than words. If I were her..I definitely wouldn’t be sticking around.
Aileen Swallow
Haha yes Author! You made me cry!! So Evil!! Haha
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