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The Huntress and the Beast

Lipsa Nalini Naik
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'He who is hideous by heart will be hideous by aspect until he finds love and love finds him. The full moon will control him. The blood lust will drive him. He will be a beast unable to find rest until he is set free by his love.'

Everyone have heard the tale where the beauty falls in love with the beast, breaks the curse and lives happily ever after. But what if it is a Huntress who has to break the curse and fall in love with the beast. After all 'Love doesn't have to be perfect. It just needs to be true. After all, it's not until you lose someone that you can truly appreciate them.'

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wow you work Really fast author you shouldn't have to update it in mere hours you should take a rest and I'm worried bout your really need to take R&R for a week or two............this book should be published in hardcover book so many people will appreciate your work wow just wow......out 10 you get 💯........Take a good rest author.
Elena Naik: P.S: I was in my college when I updated it.
Elena Naik: Thank you so much. I have been thinking about publishing it. And my readers are my priority. I started to work on it ass soon as I saw the comments that the chapters are repeated. Hope I can stand up to all you guys expectations. And thank you for reading and giving this book a chance.
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Mary Larrison
I was so excited about the chapters. but thier repeated. and it's ok she will fix it . it's a lot of work to write a story things happen. as readers we should support positively and give opinions or advice as to help. thank you author for your hard work and I know you will fix it. please keep up the hard work
Elena Naik: I am really sorry for that and I have uploaded new chapters and thank you for understanding. Sorry again.
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audio AR
this is the first time i read a novel before and at first I thing novel is a boring martial to read, but when I read your novel I felt like I can feel all the emotions in your novel and it's really a warm feeling, I love it so much keep up with the good work.
Elena Naik: Thank you do much. This comment made my day.
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