Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant
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Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant

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Me and My 26-year-old Female Tenant
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Mrs. Andria21
hmmmm.. i think this is too much'
a police man/woman should never pull their guns towards to the suspect weather his guilty or not, given the situation that his still under investigation. THATs IN THE LAW, dear
Shadow Assassin: That’s not a taser mate that’s the standard gun used by the police.
mangalover12xoxo: Questions: is it a good ending?! Is it complete?
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AÏsha AlHumdul
Sometimes I want to slap these girls living with him... They only know how to use him... They are never happy when he saves them and they are always bullying him....
Saitou Asuka💕: Im a girl but im not like dat;-;
ZecXeed: I feel like all the girls are like that
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Liv Rooney
WHO in the actual hell matches their tye with their hair. First matching the purse and lipstick and now this. Its official. Some people don't have any dressing sense.
S for Shames-Senpai: Uhhh
Selfi Lawina: gggpy9
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desiree 234
I get disappointed when this comic become a harem..tsk!well its a comic though not reality,just dont romantizes this kind of relationship in real world
S for Shames-Senpai: Harem is often Irritating, But if it's a Comedic One, It's fine, As Long as the MC doesn't make a Bloody Sudden Movement
Channlyna Ty: Yeah agree
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desiree 234
Demmmmn!what kind of chemical he used to dissolved that corpse..hai if we could borrow it to dissolve plastic
🄼🄾🅃🄷: alkaline hydrolysis, you’re welcome
Yukki akashia: That is so true
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why all korean mangas have that sort of sex things..???is Korea really a that kind of safety for womens and blah blah ....
S for Shames-Senpai: this is chinese, but ah, your opinion doesn't just include china or korea, it includes all countries since most of them have Nightclubs mate
shadowblade036: 😂😂😅🤫🤫
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Sophia Zheng
Woahhh calm down officer. You know you can't just hit innocent people just because you're a policeman, right? (ب_ب)
Chihara Studios✔: hello, please check out my novel "The Thread Of Happiness" maybe you will like it, thanks
S for Shames-Senpai: That's what we call "Abusing Your Position"
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Just Be u
hoho well it is right when cars see him it's definitely their fate to explode with such poor driving skill
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
Qin Ruo: I was aiming for your D

Me: aight Hold up! (lemme process tf is goin on)

Me 10 secs later: Hahaha dieee trash!
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : this was for episode 64 lol
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faith margaret
Isnt this a little unreasonable. Catching the innocent and letting the villains free is not right
S for Shames-Senpai: That's the Cops for you
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how can you bring a brick in the party...
and how did it fit in your pocket?
S for Shames-Senpai: The Power Of Manhua
Hi: Magic ma dude magic...😂😂
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Just throws a brick out of nowhere.
Dracule: I will senpai. I'll make you proud.
Shadowmaster: Don't worry. just carry few bricks with you next time
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Bloody Pumkin
here we go again.... hahaha you'll get disappointed dud... don't put to much trust... hahahaha
Chen Lei
the posture of his stand is like he is coming. out to dance;-)
a certain someone : .....hehe
💥Kacchxn💥: Almost like Michael Jackson 🤣🤣
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Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡
is that it? lol the MC doesnt even have to join the fight..but instead he could watch for some entertainment😂
Hi I'm Fanny! come fly with me♡ : lmao😂
blood calamity: hey fanny you have companion it's Aldous he has a big hand😂😂😂
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Tata's Mom 💜💕
i dont know about you guys but impregnable ape sounds like sh*t to me
Apun Datta: Okauyy lets all be nioce here
Nentani: It sounded more like he have had many women who he made pregnant lolz
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bride of hades
this damn pervert.. 🤭🤭🤭i don't even feel mad at him ... i just love him
Yukki akashia: Oof Idk it does sound fun, but also creepy lol
Khean Vathana: You right I wish can be like him
Haha just kidding I not gonna be pervert but it seen really fun to be pervert
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ohh ghad the art is bad but the boy is so handsome
S for Shames-Senpai: Sure Sure
Chihara Studios✔: hello, please check out my novel "The Thread Of Happiness" maybe you will like it, thanks
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the scary face part looked like yamato from naruto 😂😂😂
Yukki akashia: Oof 10/10
Meha: yeah man🤣
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Liv Rooney
ML looks soooooo HOT in that chef's uniform.
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