For His Sake

Ritika Verma
Ritika Verma
Hey guys, wish me today. On 23rd June. It's my bday. I turned 20. Hopefully I will go to medical college to complete my graduation this August, 2019 and I am kinda very nervous for it.

Wish me lots of luck!

Also, please check out my other book "Half Hope, Half Love" if you have time. Its available on this very same app. With almost same theme of unrequited love as this.

One thing I hate about this app, it takes a lot of time for chapters to be actually published here, when in reality we write it in the app a long time ago. So it's not me who is giving late updates. It's this app's system functioning 😅😅
RID...✌️: hi Ritika..... belated Happy Birthday.....😋
LittleMissy: wish you luck and success
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Jennifer Kim
dont worry...we wont hate r doing great work and i know that studying for pg exams is hard!!! but i just wanted 2 give u my support!!! fighting!!! and dont forget that saving lives is much more important than this book........thanks author 4 ur amazing story!
Ritika Verma : thank you very much for your kind words. ❤
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Geeta Nangia
I don't know about others but I sincerely wait for you to complete your all your important work so that u can give us a blockbuster start of new book and wish u best of luck for your PG EXAMS 😄😄☺😊😀😊☺😊😀😉
Youe Yang
I want more second please n ty
Fox_FlyGamez F.F.G
This is an amazing novel. Please take all the time you need. Also good luck with your career. 😜
The things of the future have the highest priority.
Everything comes in the second place of course after study.
wishing you the best of luck .
Vinam Yadav
author when will 2nd book come? I m waiting desperately. plz tell an exact date so I can wait patiently
Ritika Verma
I made an instagram account since so many of you here suggested it. So thank you very much for it.

Go follow me there for further updates related to my books, or just to have fun with me. ❤

Profile: StarryRitika

love ya!
Rubaiya Tanjid
he is greedy want two women at once acting dumb. but he is actually selfish and self centered. his ethical value about relationship is zero. author we need a strong rival of that ugly edward.
Youjia wang
Hi author do you have Instagram I would like to follow you if you have one
Ritika Verma : Hey I just made an account there. it's "StarryRitika"
Youjia wang: Thank you anyways 💕
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lone wolf
what will the 2nd book name be?
Vinam Yadav: author, can u tell the exact date of its release?
Ritika Verma : behind your smile
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Doodi Do
dang frustating, edward is so darn stupid at love
niki chouhan
I want to ask. what will be the name of the second part,it will be the same as before or new name of the story
niki chouhan: please tell the name of the new story, so that we can easily find it
Ritika Verma : new name of the story but totally with same characters. it's just part 2 of this book. nothing else. ❤
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niki chouhan
when will the 2 part will release.😊
niki chouhan
Vinam Yadav
when will 2nd book come?
Justice Karen Solinap
i hate the author
Ritika Verma : aww why. I am sorry if you felt bad for the ending. really ❤
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Geeta Nangia
How foolish can a person be ????

He loves her God dammit but just don't want to realise it!!!!
🌸ola🌸: Because he is an idiot😒😒
Geeta Nangia: yeah 😕😕 seriously can't he realise it
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He really is the biggest idiot on Earth 😧😧, and also crazy 😩😩. If what he talked about before was not love, then what is love then ??? And if he really does not really love her then he is the biggest fool in the world, selfish and despicable. .. Waiting for the second part ❤❤.
🌸ola🌸: I do not hate him .. but he is a very provocative person .
Ritika Verma : Thanks for reading my book and I am sorry he is such a character to hate 😥❤
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