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Ranza Maganto
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manga fan girl
you: my mom risked her health for me! love your mom! and listen to what she tells you to!

me: my cat has done more for me than my mom--
haven't seen her in over 4 years now UwU
but I got a amazing step mom and I know she loves meh UwU when I was younger I got sick and she stayed near me the entire night to take care of me
manga fan girl: oh no--

better move countries then--
Fujoshi: oh mAh gawd I'm so so sorry,
but I would love to have the cat you have,
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weird message/ ♥ ♥ ♥
keep going on with ur good work author... a little motivation for u : as the saying goes no work is smaller or bigger its just ur confidence and hardworking that make is better each time. and we truly support u 😇😇.
Fujoshi: thank you very much your so touching
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weird message/ ♥ ♥ ♥
well i just came across ur manga by scrolling and its worth it... all the words and the character is all amazing..
Fujoshi: mAh gawd thank you
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unlucky ace
That guy is awesome
unlucky ace
I mean you can do it not like go away
unlucky ace
I like the death part haha
unlucky ace
ayaka chizue
please make a manga but still make the comedy remain still add a little bit action and add a lot of fantasy! wish you the best author😊
unlucky ace: GO AUTHOR *CHEERS
Fujoshi: so you want fantasy and comedy?. but you also want me to continue the fume right?. so the story will be action comedy and fantasy so what will i do is make a manga. and the story is the hidden world :P ok ill try mah best thank you!!
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I would like you to make a manga
Fujoshi: ok then ill try my best :P
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The end?...is it just complete?
Fujoshi: ofcourse nu mah fwend. it just the, the end of the chapter not the manga :P
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Jimn is a cutey pie ❤❤❤❤
hoi im flowey
Fujoshi: im a potatoe!
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ayaka chizue
kawaii desu! thoigh i thought it was about country humans because of the cover picture
Fujoshi: i am so so sorry i didnt make it a country humans. cuz i am only drawing on a computers paint cuz i dont have any thing to draw on so sorry. but actually before i make this manga i was really going to make it a country huamns but it was hard tho so i forced myself to just do this lil potatoes pls forgive meh ;-;
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thank you pls forgive my art!. and and and you can tell me what you want me to draw :>. ill do it like for example you want me to draw a meme like a pizza guy ate the pizza he`s going to deliver and when he came to the customers house its all gone :D........ or the stories bad ;-;
hmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmmmmm guess if i am :>
aww author we don't mind at all 😂😂
you're soo cute
Fujoshi: thank you for the information I will indeed go to my room and close my door and the lights and go to my bed and hide in the blanket and be a freak watching this mangas
Bitzzz: thank you author
the profile picture is actually from a comic named 'one kiss a day'
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Merica Gold Villanueva
creator are you a filipino ?
Fujoshi: hahahaha well Isa lang Ang comics ko eh😅,
at Hindi masyado maganda 😂,
pangalan nya
Sana magustuhan mo,
Hindi lang sya story, mga short comedy stories lang😅
Merica Gold Villanueva: sorry creator tagal ko di nakasagot haha.😂😂 pwede ko po ba malaman kung anong mga comics napo nagawa mo? baka isa na yon sa mga binbasa ko diko pa alam kapwa pinoy ko na pala may gawa ❤️❤️❤️
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