Undefeated Battle God
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Undefeated Battle God

China South Angel
Undefeated Battle God
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Undefeated Battle God Comics Online. Tang Tian, from the day I met him, this guy has been constantly creating miracles...There seems to be limitless potential hidden within him...What exactly is the motivation hidden in his heart?

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I'm Izuku Midoriya
I hope the story be like:
He actually loves someone who we don’t know (meh even if u know da name and read it well I don’t remember) and works hard to meet her but he falls in love 4 another gurl cuz da gurl he used 2 like was a bish and da 1 he likes right now is kind but stubborn or ya now wat I mean (just like in a lot of mangas dat I read) and da bish dies in da end

~*hopes* happy ending~
Tyo77: i agree :/
I'm Izuku Midoriya: Kinda but I like it
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Kay Nunez
I hate this comic. Please 10 minutes past really quickly so I can leavr😩
Shane Amaba: if you hate this comic then don't read it just set a time for 10 min. and leave it for a while and come back to claim your points no need for you to comment. but since you already commented here I would like to ask if I may.. do you even know how to draw? or make a storyline just like this? if you can't then don't leave words such as hate😒😒 you're just making us see that you're useless and only know how to judge
🥀Minty`: Please don't say you hate this comic because the author has spent alot of time and effort making this comic and the story plot, yes I know this is an opinion but you also have to take consideration on how the author would feel about this~
total 4 replies
hmmm, i'm here for the point but it looks like a good story. well, i'm going to continue reading all the unlock chapter.
Vicky vishal: 😉😉😉😉😉
@_@ >^_^<: Sane here.😉
total 5 replies
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