First Love  Sha
Romance / Moder

First Love Sha

Priya Sarkar
First Love  Sha
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First Love Sha Novel Online. The first time she saw him she realized god made him for her . They loved each other deeply. Soon they married each other . she loved him selflessly but when the quistion comes to fidelity..what will Hande choose ? is she gonna compromise or choose her self respect

Hello guys , I'm a reader of Mangatoon and a manga lover 🤗 . This is my first time trying to write something intresting. Hope you guys will love it and if there is some mistakes then pls pardone me . Hope you guys enjoy .

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Priya Sarkar
guys it's have another chapter . chapter 66 but I don't know why mangatoon didn't update that and it updated this one🥺🥺😭😭 . may be there is some technical issues. sorry guys . pls request mangatoon to check on this matter
Mini: hii 🙂
Kankana Paul: Hiii sisss
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I want crazy update but when you are free that time you write stories, but when you are busy schedule that time you take your time and then take you rest
Pls dont brake my heart!!! Dont be hard to them.. can u just pls make it a lovely happily married.. and never ending sweetness moment... plsssss my heart is beating like a drum.. 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰
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