Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
Romance / CEO / Girl Power

Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!

Daxingdao Comic
Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby! Comics Online. I loved you with all my heart, my everything, but you ignored, treated my heart like trash and got divorced with me!
Now you come back for me?
Who do you think you are! Kneel!

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Girl Power
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Herley Quinn
Am Sorry But I Need To Tell This In My Language Malayalam
Ni Maryathikku Avane Thirayunnathu Nirthikko Aaaaa Nayyinte Monu Avante Kamukine Nokkana Samayam Patti Thendi Chetta Avan Avante Ammayine Kettikan Poyatha Avante Chella Adichu Pottikanam Nayyinte Monu
Herley Quinn: Annama Epidi Pandrigalama
ashly131: well I'm Tamil
total 32 replies
I think this story is becoming uninteresting , I don't want to tell but my dear author ur not making them happy or sad
Atleast make divorce , I want them to apart

I will not read this , it's becoming boring and not making any changes in the story

well it's my part I'm saying , I don't know about others

We will see what will be the next chapters interesting or boring like this only

if they both divorced means it will be wonderful and interesting
I want FL to be happy and enjoy the life so make it fast plz author 😭😭😭😭

Or I will not read it plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Unique Queen: I think that they are about to divorce
Norelfazila ellz: same here...
total 3 replies
vanitha kani
I don't like the male lead. he does not care about the FL. when she separate to him and overseas then he understood. please change some story
Mira J: When will that happen
total 1 replies
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