Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!

Daxingdao Comic
Kneel, My Bossy Hubby!
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Kneel, My Bossy Hubby! Comics Online. I loved you with all my heart, my everything, but you ignored, treated my heart like trash and got divorced with me!
Now you come back for me?
Who do you think you are! Kneel!

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Strong Female Lead
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Is Fakey McBoobs actually pawing through the belongings and stealing the bed of a younger rival while in full length evening wear? I've noticed a similar tendency toward over dressing for all the wrong occasions among self appointed fiances, clingy women raised with male leads but in love with "brother", sisters of dead exes who also call the guy "brother", exes who come back after extended absences just to oust an unsuspecting young bride, stepmoms, mistresses, half sisters/stepsisters/cousins/aunts of the female lead, daughters of less than honest CEOS, and other full time b*tches and it never ceases to amaze me that they will wear a tight, low cut purple satin gown with a slit up the side, eight inch heels and a white fur boa to see grandpa in the hospital or an equally showy outfit like Fakey McBoobs is wearing here just to torment a rival or bring the male lead some women like this dress this way just in case the male lead happens by or do they honestly have no casual clothes?
MS Sparkles🌟✨: hello everyone, please checkout my new novel unwillingly winded with you. it's a love triangle with a lot of steamy moments I think you will love it.. please check it out..
Donald Crump: i agree with the wearing til they fall apart. im not much of a material person. if it feels comfy and i like it, good enough for me. everyone else can take their opinion about my clothes and....heh heh heh
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8##3##7##u##y##r now type it in reverse without #
I guess he had a past lover plus he thinks he's way too old for her. he had to marry her because of his father or something FL likes him but he thinks that FL should be with someone else who likes her. which is why he does not want her to be bounded to him because they're married. he's a nice guy actually he just thinks he's old for her. his actions are also like that of a father to a child or of someone elder to you. the FL seems a bit silly and too lighthearted to me, it isn't bad but I hope she'll have some good growing up moments.
also I hope she's not trying to become an actress!! not again. wish someone wanted to be a director or something for a change if at all they're planning to enter the film industry
Queen of hearts: who was actresses in past mangas that made u think she also will be an actress?
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I bet you this handsome but obviously conflicted man has a problem common to handsome but obviously conflicted men in the manga world--he's in love with someone else. For the absentee beloved, usually a ballet dancer, actress or business major, a man with this problem is absolutely ready to break the heart of the wife who truly loves him. Sometimes such a man is under the impression that absentee beloved is a childhood savior, usually because she pretended she was. Sometimes he thinks she's been virtuous when she has NOT, but he never questions the usual story of how she had to stay away for 3 to 5 years to become "the best, to be worthy so your family would not look down on me", a thing that for some reason requires her to go to America, France, England or "country A" and build her career there. I hope I'm wrong, but...
Shereze Parazé: That was the plot of half the Mangas I read
It's so damn accurate
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