Daddy Poison Master
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Daddy Poison Master

Daxingdao Comic
Daddy Poison Master
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Daddy Poison Master Comics Online. Failing his heavenly trial, the deadliest poison master is sent to the modern world and given a new body.
Determined to pass the trial this time, the poison master has to train harder...but before that, he's given a daughter to take care of and an ex to deal with.
Little does he know that this is the just beginning of his new trial...

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A dreamer 🥰
I like it very much.... It's a different story from I am very interested...I really like this story line...Looking forward to see it..
UCHIHA ITACHI : yeah.....well i support all of them after all everyone wanna get appreciated for their work right....😁
Ochako Uraraka: It seems a lot of people are promoting here ??
total 13 replies
Ship ship ship!! *///*
well I won't blame that read hair girl, she take nuan nuan away bcz after all the previous guy are a coward....also it's normal if she run away with her can a girl not be mad to a guy who took a first time?
Ship ship ship!! *///*: yup that's right
Sparky: Yes you are right. We even tried that once communicating using random letters on a sentence but has a meaning like Agreeing and Refusing. Even mentioning some events using random words.
total 25 replies
hahahHA you dont know who I am
what made this more sad than it was is listening to 'human' by Christina Perri is when she says (in the song) "you build me up and then I fall apart in only human" it made me almost cry😥😔
Terra: Pussy
Czarina[õ_ô}: I sometimes dont like novel cuz it's too long to read and they describe like that and that rather than showing a pic like comic so ppl would understand it properly
total 8 replies
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