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Contracted Lover

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Why an orphan girl with a bumpy life would be favored by a president? What kind of unknown past did an icy president have?

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Run run run
I can’t stop running
Run run run
I can’t help but running
This is the only thing l can do
The only thing I can do is loving you
Run~ Don’t tell me bye bye
Run~ You make me cry cry
Run~ Love is a lie lie
Don’t tell me,don’t tell me bye bye............
There r few lines that l wrote in English but they r according the translation of the lyrics those were in korean.!!! Fell like singing Run by BTS when I read “ Love is a lie “ which the ML said!
OT7: it makes me happy whenever i see my
co-ARMYs borahae 💜💜
Suga-nim 😘: everywhere ... worldwide famous BTS 💜💜
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One that actually show their kid together with them after they marry. Some of the mangas I read that already have their kid, right after the couple married they would leave out their kid, like they’re not even apart of their happiness. I mean I be happy the couple is finally together and married but I want them to also include their kid too. So with this manga ending I’m glad and happy they also include their son at the end holding hands with them instead of just leaving him out. Idk to some it wouldn’t matter but to me it kind of gets to me cause the kid also plays a big part in the story and also help with them getting back together so leaving them out is just a big no to me
Duchok John Tache Tagia: nice thought .....sugoii
Maria Graciela Sarmiento: jjdjdjkroeikkkkeofe
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Boy with luv 💜
I just remembered jungkook's 6 packs.🤭💜
MS XXX (Radha👸😘): me too 😉O(≧∇≦)O
Boy with luv 💜 : omo (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HAHAHA
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